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ASML Lunch lectures

Lunch and learn with ASML

As a global technology leader in semiconductor manufacturing equipment and one of the world's most cutting-edge technology companies, there is no shortage of public information about ASML. But what lies behind this public face? ASML's Lunch lectures give students in the Netherlands and Belgium the chance to learn what it's really like to work at ASML - directly from one of our current team.

The lectures are organized through university study associations, and delivered to an audience of invited students. Each lecture focuses on a particular technical discipline. In an informal 45-minute presentation, the audience hears all about the challenges in that discipline within ASML, as well as the presenter's personal view on working at ASML and a little of their own story. In this way students can enjoy an honest, first-hand account of life at ASML.

Hopefully, students go away from the lectures with a better understanding of ASML: our philosophy, our technologies, and the people who work here. Finding out that we combine high-tech professionalism with a relaxed and supportive attitude could help them when it comes to making decisions about their own career path.

The lectures are held at midday and students who attend are given a free lunch into the bargain. To see if there is an ASML Lunch lecture planned at your university, check out the list of upcoming lunch lectures below or go to our events calendar .


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