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Working at ASML

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Some people choose ASML so they can work at the very cutting edge of their technology field. For others, it’s the opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the brightest minds in their discipline. Some people choose ASML because there are so many different ways to develop their career, they can specialize technically, become a manager, or take on project management.

Everyone has a different reason to join. But everyone has the same reason to stay: teamwork.

Everyone is part of a multidisciplinary team. Physicists, data scientists, chemical engineers, metrology experts and more – all working together in different teams to crack a particular challenge. Each team member brings a different set of skills to attack technical challenges from different angles. The result? Incredibly imaginative breakthroughs at the cutting edge of engineering.

With each new breakthrough, the people at ASML feel proud. Proud of themselves and proud of their team. That’s why people choose ASML. And that’s why people stay.

ASML believes that technology is a force for good. It connects us, whoever and wherever we are in the world, and it changes how we live, work and play. At the heart of it all is the semiconductor chip. Delivering new functionalities, better performance and lower cost with each generation, advances in chips have spawned new products and transformed industries. We are proud of the impact our achievements have on the world around us. Do you want to be part of progress, too? Take a look at our vacancies and join us!


  • 19,216 employees
  • 60 offices in 16 countries
  • 115 different nationalities
  • Net sales €9,053 million
  • Net income €2,119 million
  • Research & Development spending €1,260 million
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