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Questions and Answers

Open application

If there are no vacancies that match your experience or interest, you can submit a general application.
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Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I have already started my master studies, can I still apply?

The ASML Technology Scholarship is open for all students who start their master program in the same year as the scholarship application. So for example when you start in February 2017, you can apply for the scholarship in 2017. If you have started in September 2016 you are no longer eligible for the scholarship in 2017 with the exception of people who start their masters with a full time extracurricular activitiy, like a student team. They can apply a year later, when they start their master full time.

What does the selection process look like?

The selection process has three rounds:

Round 1: CV selection (April, May)
Round 2: video interview (May)
Round 3: assessment days in Veldhoven (June)

What happens when I have a delay in my study progress?

When you stop or seriously neglect your study we will discontinue the scholarship. When you have a delay, for example because you are doing a double master, or extra courses or activities, this will not effect the scholarship.

Can I send a motivation letter or recommendation by my professor?

The first round is on CV selection only, together with a questionnaire that is part of the application process. Motivation letters and referrals will not be read.

I just found out about the scholarship but the application is already closed, can I still apply?

No the deadline for the application is fixed, no applications will be accepted after this date.

I am planning on doing extracurricular activities that will take up most of my study time, can I still apply?

If you are planning on starting the academic year with extracurricular activities that will take more than 50% of your time, like a student team or being a board member of a study association, we ask you to wait with your application until next year, when you expect to start your master full time. You are still eligible, even if you have done some courses in your masters already.

Is the scholarship open to foreign students?

Yes, everyone pursuing a master in the Netherlands from our shortlist can apply for the scholarship. Please note that the funding is not sufficient for covering international tuition fees. Furthermore, you need to be personally present on the assessment days in June, should you make it to the next round. International travel costs are not reimbursed.

Is the training program obligatory?

Yes, we expect you to be present at the training sessions. Valid reasons for being absent include illness, foreign internship and exams. We do our best to plan the sessions outside exam periods.

I want to study abroad (outside the Netherlands), am I still eligible?

The scholarship is only open for student pursuing their master in the Netherlands. However, if you plan on doing a foreign internship or exchange of maximum four months, while being a master student in the Netherlands, you can still apply.

What does the training program entail?

During the scholarship period you will receive 11 training sessions. Six times a year you are invited at Veldhoven for a meeting with your ASML mentor and the training. These are full day activities. The training sessions in the first year focus on professional skills like personal leadership, communication and collaboration. The second year training sessions prepare you for life after graduation with ASML case studies, career training and support in making choices.

Am I obliged to do an internship or graduation project at ASML?

No, the only obligations with this scholarship is that you take your study seriously and do a technology ambassador project. You are not obliged to work at ASML. Of course, if you want to work with us, we will help you find a suitable position if available.

Page updated on 2016-11-17 13:00 CET


James Liu, System Install Engineer

James Liu, System Install Engineer



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