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Electronic engineering at ASML

It's like controlling two fighter jets flying a millimeter apart

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The electronic engineering job that goes further
Electronic engineering at ASML isn't just about numbers. We need amplifiers that turn milliwatt inputs into kilowatt outputs within 20-kHz control loops. Could you design a logic gate using just 24 silicon atoms? Or perhaps you'd like to create electronic systems that synchronize the motion of two stages to within a nanosecond and with picometer accuracy. Elsewhere, our electronic engineers explore questions like how cosmic rays affect the circuits in our products. And they need to develop their own processes and procedures. Even NASA doesn't work to cleanliness specifications as rigorous as ours.
The electronic engineering career you want
Whether you're an analog, digital, power or connectivity designer, at ASML you have complete freedom to develop your career the way you want. You can specialize deeply in one area or apply your skills more widely, for example as an electronics architect. You'll have plenty of opportunities to grow your non-technical skills too by managing projects, groups and maybe even departments.

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Industry-wide teamwork
You'll be working closely with experts in chemistry, software or mechatronics. You'll need to translate their requirements into electronics specifications and solve multidisciplinary challenges together. And you’re not just pushing our own products to the limit. Your feedback could help our suppliers to create the next generation of high-speed, low-power and very high accuracy instruments.

Are you interested in the extreme challenges that an electronic engineering job at ASML brings? Then take a look at our current vacancies here and apply today.

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James Liu, System Install Engineer

James Liu, System Install Engineer



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Corporate culture

Corporate culture

ASML “創新導向”文化:不斷征服挑戰並維持技術領先優勢。
Corporate Culture

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