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Lithography at ASML

If cutting-edge lithography isn’t exciting enough for you, join us and define its future.

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How to apply

What to expect

ASML is the technology leader in lithography systems for the global chip manufacturing industry. So it's no surprise that lithographers are an integral part of our workforce. But lithography at ASML isn't like lithography elsewhere; it's about defining the future of the technology.

Benefits of working in lithography at ASML

  • Play a key role in conceiving new systems
  • Work in a multi-disciplinary team and in a multi-cultural environment
  • Freedom to develop your career, expanding both your technical and soft skills

Take a look at our lithography vacancies and apply!

Ahead of our competitors

Our lithographers work two years ahead of even the most advanced semiconductor manufacturers. So while our customers are thinking about production at 20 nm, you could already be exploring the 7-nm node. That means investigating challenges throughout the lithography chain from reflective and 3D masks to scanner and contamination control to maximize yields.

Hands-on visionaries

As a lithographer at ASML, you will play a key role in conceiving new systems. You could be talking to our customers to identify their future manufacturing needs and define lithography roadmaps. From these roadmaps, you'll need to translate lithography challenges into scanner challenges, analyzing our current products for improvements and developing specifications for the next generation.

If you prefer your lithography more hands-on, you could be creating new processes for evaluating our next-generation scanners and technologies. Or testing assembled systems before they are shipped to ensure they meet our specifications and our customers' needs - and if they don't, you'll need to find out why.

Choosing directions

In either case, you'll be working as part of a multi-disciplinary team in a highly dynamic and multi-cultural environment. Moreover, you'll have complete freedom to develop your career, expanding both your technical and soft skills. And you'll be playing an active role in deciding the future direction of ASML and the semiconductor industry as a whole.

Our recruitment process

For more information you can always contact us or read more about our application and selection process.

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James Liu, System Install Engineer

James Liu, System Install Engineer



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Corporate culture

Corporate culture

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