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Career events in the Netherlands

Discover ASML at our student excursions, career day, business course, job fairs and university lunch lectures

From excursions to job fairs and lunch lectures, our career events in the Netherlands offer the perfect opportunity to learn more about ASML.

Student excursions

We organize ‘excursions’ for engineering students in their third year and above. Because all on-campus events are canceled, this year we’re hosting online events to introduce ASML to students. Please note that our excursions are not recruitment events, but an informal way for students to get to know ASML.

Participate in live interactive sessions, watch exclusive videos to explore ASML and its technology, and chat with ASML engineers – all while relaxing in a comfortable chair at home.

During the online program, you will:

  • Watch two students interview ASML CEO Peter Wennink or VP software development Wei Li (computer science excursions).

  • Go on a video tour of the ASML Veldhoven campus

  • Learn about and challenge your knowledge of ASML with a quiz

  • Participate in a live Q&A session with ASML engineers, matched to your field of study

  • Attend one of three different live presentations:

    • Working at ASML

    • ASML technology

    • ASML internships

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Virtual Career Days

Our Virtual Career Days are an opportunity for you, a bachelor’s, master’s or PhD degree graduate, to learn about working at ASML, including our organization, culture, people and career opportunities.

Over the course of a week, you will join interactive sessions with ASML engineers and discover what it’s like to work at ASML in your field of study. Seize the opportunity to talk to current employees about their experience with ASML, raise questions about your field of study and discover the different roles and job opportunities available to you.

Computer Science & Data Engineering Days

The DaysComputer Science & Data Engineering Days take place on March 31 and April 1, 2022. This is an online career event for graduating bachelor’s and master’s students, as well as PhD students. You’ll develop the skills you need to structure and build code in a leading-edge tech company and learn about our semiconductor manufacturing technology at the same time.

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Best of Tech Business Course

The Best of Tech Business Course is an online career event for graduating master’s degree students, that will take place on May 19 to –20, 2022. You’ll not only learn about our semiconductor manufacturing technology, but you’ll develop the skills you need to work at a leading-edge tech company.

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Career day at ASML

ASML PhD Master Class

The ASML PhD Master Class is a two-day online event for PhD students who are in their final year of their PhD program or have graduated less than a year ago. We showcase some of the complex challenges we’re currently working to solve, allowing PhD students and graduates to discover what it’s really like to work with the unbelievable and extreme technology found at ASML.

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ASML at university campuses

We join job fairs and organize lunch lectures and other activities at universities so that students can learn more about ASML on their turf.


Get in touch with our campus promoters (student ambassadors for ASML) on your campus to find out more! They can answer any questions you have about ASML, upcoming events, or internship and scholarship opportunities.