“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” — Andrew Grant.


Except when you participate in an ASML master class. Joining our master class events will allow you to learn about the technical challenges that ASML tackles every day in your field of study. And as a bonus, you get to work on your personal development by practicing your ‘first impression’ at a company and get feedback that will help you improve your presentation.

Currently no master classes are open for application.

Program details

Our interactive programs will immerse you into the world of ASML. You'll learn about our semiconductor manufacturing technology and discover the role your field of study plays in developing the most advanced lithography machines in the world. Moreover, you’ll talk to our engineers and learn how to make a lasting first impression!


You will:

  • Learn more about our impressive technology with an in-depth technical presentation.

  • Work on a real-life case in small teams to experience an actual ASML problem.

  • Hear from a diverse group of ASML engineers and their professional journey.

  • Get a chance to ask questions in groups of 2 or 3 to an ASML engineer with your study background.

  • Explore what your future could look like at ASML in a 1 on 1 conversion with managers from different technical teams.

Career day at ASML


We welcome bachelor’s and master’s degree physics students from universities around Europe in any of the fields listed below. To be eligible, you must obtain your degree between January 2024 and December 2025.

Show fields of study

  • Physics

  • Applied physics

  • Engineering physics

  • Astronomy

  • Astrophysics

  • Atomic physics

  • Biophysics

  • Fluid physics

  • Mathematical physics
  • Mechanics
  • Optics
  • Plasma physics
  • Quantum physics
  • Statistical physics
  • Thermal physics
  • Thermodynamics

Application process

1. Apply

You’ll need to include a CV with your contact details with your application. You may also include your GPA information and publications.

2. First selection round

If you are selected to proceed to the next round, we’ll ask you to record and submit a video cover letter (motivation video).

3. Second selection round

The technical selection board will review your CV and video. We’ll let you know whether you’ve been selected within 4 weeks after your application.


Get in touch with us if you have questions about one of our master classes.