Senior Competence Engineer

In a nutshell


San Jose - CA, US


8+ years



In San Jose, CA, ASML seeks Senior Competence Engineerto join its Advanced Technology Development (ATD) Organization in building dataproducts and data systems; work closely with team leads to formulate problemstatements and work through the lifecycle of delivering the insights toproduction; design and organize large complex data sets from various sources,while thinking strategically about uses of data and issues such as scalability;deliver mathematical and statistical models with proven predictive power;understand existing business flow and product features, dive into theunderlying data, apply relevant Data Mining techniques and/or Machine Learningalgorithms and propose data analytic product to improve the productintelligence; implement the applicable Machine Learning or statistics-basedalgorithm for prediction and optimization and deliver the trained model toproduction; build and maintain code to populate HDFS, Hadoop with log fromproducts or data loaded from SQL production systems; and design, build andsupport algorithms of data transformation, conversion, computation on Hadoopand other distributed Big Data Systems.Master’s degree in Engineering, Computer Science or Mathematics and 5years of relevant experience or Ph.D. in one of those fields and 2 years ofrelevant experience; expertise in mining large data sets, Machine Learningtechniques such as regression and classification, cluster analysis, neuralnetworks, ensembles, random forests and related algorithms; experience buildingMachine Learning-based data products in production; experience with Hadoop andMapReduce; database experience with MySQL, MSSQL or equivalent; experience withHBase or comparable NoSQL; and proficiency in one of the following languages:Java, Python, C++ in Linux/Unix required.Apply online at (W/M/Vets/Disability) employer.