Senior Design Engineer

In a nutshell


San Jose - CA, US


3-7 years



In San Jose, CA, Hermes Microvision seeks a SeniorDesign Engineer to design the architecture of a new generation electron opticssystem according to electron optics system performance requirements; simulateelectron optical performance of new designed electron optics system, modify andfinalize the architecture design, and define requirement of electronic moduleswhich support the electron optics system; create mechanical design of newgeneration electron optics system based on the simulation results; assemble andtest the new-designed sub-modules, integrate the sub-modules into an electronoptics system, and perform basic performance testing in the test bench andwrite test reports; integrate newly developed electron system into the systemplatform; verify and test the control functions of electronic and softwarecontrols modules; characterize the electron optical system’s resolution,current, distortion, and other optical characteristics on the system platform;make plans and lead electron optics performance experiments on the platform,analyze and interpret test data, and develop solutions that optimize systemperformance; diagnose complex subsystem problems across algorithms, software,electronics, mechanics, vacuum and electron optics; according to test results,provide input to new electron optics system specifications, system errorbudget, interfaces and working parameters for the optimum hardware/softwaresolution; work with application engineers according to the application practiceand requirements of different wafers and provide technical support toapplication engineers in live demonstration and result analysis; and provideinput for the electron optics system improvement.Master’s degree in Materials Science, AppliedPhysics or Electrical Engineering and 2 years of relevant experience or one of those fields with a strong foundation in the fundamentals of physicsand charged particle physics; and strong diagnostic and trouble-shooting skillsin electron optics subsystems such as sources, optics and detectorsrequired.Apply online at