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HMI-Optical Engineer

Research & development

Optical engineering

In a nutshell


Beijing, China


Research & development


3-7 years



Job Category

Optical engineering


Job Description

1. Research and development of Optical related products, prototype work, promote project progress, and achieve project goals.
2. Development the suppliers for new products.
3. Actively communicate and coordinate with the R&D center engineers, and provide professional technical support for the design.
4. New product and technology transfer, improve standard operating procedures, provide technical training for production line workers, and complete small batch production tasks.
5. Familiar with the products in production and provide technical support for their production.


Optic, physics related majors, bachelor degree or above;


1.The basic knowledge of physics is solid, the concept is clear, and the ideas are clear.
2. Wide range of knowledge, strong hands-on ability, strong self-learning ability, and practical hands-on experience is preferred.
3. Have a strong sense of responsibility, work hard, can bear hardships and stand hard work, have a special research spirit.
4. Good teamwork, communication skills, modesty, and obedience to leadership arrangements.
5. Have a good command of English and be able to read English professional literature easily.