Operation - HMI BOM management and contamination control engineer - Tainan


Chemistry & Material science

In a nutshell


Tainan, Taiwan




0-2 years



Job Category

Chemistry & Material science


Management the BOM in Oracle and linking them to every EC (Engineering change). Make sure the BOM accuracy. Improvement the system contamination control and execute the continuous improvement projects.

Job Mission

Keep the BOM accuracy and make them efficiency when they are altered by EC. It also need to have the ability to correct ITEM TEMPLATE and SUPPLY TYPE of BOM. For urgent case, it has to discuss with Engineers and Program Team to achieve the goal.
Find the contamination source and build up the project to improve them. Such as inspection method, cleaning method, people awareness and transport tool management. Make effective countermeasures to solve contamination issue.

Job Description

1. BOM set up and maintain to Oracle before ECN meeting within accuracy and efficiency.
2. For urgent case, need to discuss with engineer and NPT team to confirm any item which they want to change without official EC process. And set up the special BOM to Oracle as soon as possible.
3. User Item type and WIP SUPPLY type correct and upload.
4. Create/maintain the different type of PN and any depiction changed by ECN case.
5. System contamination source inspection and cleaning .
6. Improvement of system contamination prevention performance.




Specify the field of working experience with years of service: 2 years

Personal skills

• Oracle system
• Material analysis
• Vacuum system

Context of the position

EC implementation in Production Engineering in Operation.

Other information

To be completed