Software Engineer

In a nutshell


San Jose - CA, US


0-2 years



In San Jose, California, Hermes Microvision,Inc. seeks a Software Engineer to collaborate with software/hardwaredepartments to determine ideal computer hardware specifications to meet systemproduct requirements; design, develop, integrate and test computer/networkcomponents, peripherals, drivers and software API; develop system configurationand installation procedures for operating system, drivers and application software;develop real-time embedded, e.g. DMA, HPC, ADC in assembly language. Analyze,investigate and resolve computer/network engineering problems; test and verifysystem functionality and performance in a concurrent computer environment; documentand support software/hardware component troubleshooting through ticked trackingsystem. Require MS degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related,or foreign degree equivalent, plus 2 years of experience. The 2-year experienceincludes software development in C++ or C# on Linus and Windows, client/serverarchitecture, network protocols, and file system management.Apply online at employer.