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Development Engineer Linux Ansible Docker DC/OS

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Computer science & software engineering

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Veldhoven, Netherlands


Research & development


8+ years



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Computer science & software engineering




This position is in the ASML Apps (applications) department. This department focusses on improving customer’s production processes relying on ASML scanners and ASML EUV source. Hardware capabilities and change rate (HW replacement) have become too limited or too costly. Software is being developed to gain the next nanometers. That software is deployed on a server rack inside the customer’s data center. It takes data from ASML devices as input and enables complex algorithms to translate that data to corrections. These corrections tune the last nanometers. Frequent updates are needed to correct for drift.

Job Mission

The software described above is created by specialists in other teams. Together with the Litho Computing Platform team of 4-8 persons it is your task to ensure there is a platform where this software can run above 99.9% availability guarantee. Currently ASML installed many servers at customer sites worldwide. The team you work with designed the HW setup, the virtualization layers, manages firmware updates, and provides a key set of supporting software services to manage the hardware platform. The team is very strong on the technical aspects. The daily organization is done from within the team by the lead architect. A candidate with affinity towards team leadership, picking up the daily issues that arise and guide priority setting is encouraged to bring this forward in an interview that may follow the application.

A next generation cloud-based platform is under construction. It is to be deployed on customer hardware instead of an ASML delivered server.

This is a new development that comes with a large learning opportunity for team and organization. The software that runs on the classical hardware platform is being ported to the new setup. In the old setup VMWare and monolithic components are mainstream. In the new setup docker and microservices on Mesosphere DC/OS are the baseline.

Your hands on job is to support both. The stability of the existing platforms in the field and the introduction of the new platform with all its new opportunities and issues. You are profound in troubleshooting hardware, virtualization, network, and software issues even if these go beyond the platform. You understand the impact containerization may or may not have in these cases. Robust definition of software & platform, install, and upgrade (ansible, shell script) is one of your hobbies. In the end, you take pride in robust and stable platforms as you are a true engineer.

Job Description

- Maintenance and creation of ansible playbooks that are used in software deployment.
- Shell scripts and bash for many tasks.
- Support development teams at the Veldhoven site where they experience potential platform issues
- Max 10% travel to ASML customers for troubleshooting and upgrades that cannot be executed remotely.
- You are a Linux/Unix fan and enjoy working with Redhat software releases. You can help identifying the implications when a move from one version to the next is required.
- When this meets the candidates ambition and skills; pick up a servant team lead role next to the technical aspects mentioned here.
- Development of automated tests that can be re-used on platform changes and upgrades to ensure no regression impact is caused.
- Setup Docker and support the team with DC/OS issues (there is a support contract in place)
- Manage a platform setup through VMWare, know how to make and restore backups.
- Be able (and enjoy) to work with Python for test execution and scripting purposes.

Main technologies: Redhat Linux, VMWare, Networking, Ansible, Shell Scripting, Docker, DC/OS


A relevant BSc or MSc in the area of IT, electronics or computer engineering.


For this position we seek a hands on professional with between 2-5 years of experience in a similar platform(s) environment.

Personal skills

- First of all, you’re passionate about technology and are excited by the idea that your work will impact millions of people in whose daily life ASML based products are standard.
- You’re analytical, and product- and quality-oriented.
- You like to investigate issues, and you’re a creative problem solver.
- You’re open open-minded, you like to discuss technical challenges, and you want to push the boundaries of technology.
- “Do” mentality, execute the needed steps after alignment with your team.
- The focus topic of today can very quickly change; you are flexible and able to make these kind of context switches (and you strive to minimize the need for these)
- You’re an innovator and you constantly seek to improve your knowledge and your work.
- You take ownership and you support your team
- You’re client and quality oriented – you don’t settle for second-best solutions, but strive to find the best ways to acquire top results.

Other information

Keywords: VMWare, 3PAR, Docker, DC/OS, DNS, Firewall, VCentre, Blade Server, DataCenter, OnSite Support, Ansible, shell scripting, HP hardware, Red Hat releases, Splunk, 4th line support, Python