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HMI - UX/UI Design Engineer - Tainan

Research & development

Computer science & software engineering

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Tainan, Taiwan


Research & development


3-7 years



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Computer science & software engineering




Would you like to design innovative software GUI and User Experience that helps make user friendly application? Would you like to create and implement simple and innovative designs that help our customers - semiconductors manufacturers - reach new standards of quality and create smaller and faster computer chips? At ASML we create full-stack software products that run in the most modern Semiconductor Fabs in the world, and we are always pushing the boundary of what is possible.

We are always looking for talented UX Designer who know how to apply the latest UX Design rules and innovative application experience, to join the teams responsible for creating software for automation of high volume manufacturing in semiconductor fabs. This could be your next job, so if you would like to join us - please apply!

Job Mission

As a UX Designer you will join one of our multinational team in Hsinchu/Tainan to create state of the art software solutions. Teams are composed of developers, a Scrum Master and a Product Owner. We are committed to follow the Agile way of working, aiming for frequent releases of working software. In all teams we cooperate with internal and external experts from different knowledge domains to discover and build the best solutions possible. We use tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, MS Blend and Axure to design most sophisticated GUI and User Experience. We move fast to help our customers to reach their goals, and we strive to create reliable and well-designed software.

Job Description

Dedicated UX teams work in unison on different products and platforms across ASML. Their domains are one or more of: (basically here are the competencies essential for UX Design Engineer explained in short).

•Define user goal and understand user scenarios ( How user is interacting with our application and their roadblocks)
•Create user persona and apply ASML UX guideline to solve critical interaction problem with meaning full solution.
•Must have the skills to design Icons, GUI layouts, design guideline or style guideline.
•Follow and apply ASML UX guideline within strict engineering requirements but still be creative to solve the problems with enticing solutions.
•Must able to define and advice for the best designs ( both interaction and visuals to fulfill the needs)
•Skills of the tools like Photoshop, illustrator, Axure, MS Blend for visual studio is highly needed.
•Must have solid knowledge designing Microsoft Desktop Application and be flexible, as well creative to apply proper solution for various critical design challenges.
•Be able to collaborate various development teams and engineers to create an unified UX vison for ASML applications.


A relevant BSc or MSc in the area of visual communication design, design engineering, software engineering, computer science, information systems, IT or electronics. Knowledge about product design, graphic design and UX design is required.


3-7 years ( Fresh graduate with good creative and analytical skills can also be considered)

If you already have UX Design experience in the high-tech industry, and you are applying for this position; you need to have the following experience:

• 3-7 years of UX design or Product design experience. ( Fresh Graduates are also encourage to apply with good knowledge about GUI and user experience.)
• Design and develop UX Design guideline and design assets like, GUI mocks, icons, user flow etc.
• Working with various developers and other design engineers. Working as a part of a Scrum team.

Having this experience is a plus:

•Creation of high fidelity data driven user interfaces, data visualization and Windows based application GUI designing.
•Affinity with math, data science or machine learning GUI designing.
•Previous experience of semiconductor application GUI /UX designing.

Personal skills

• You should first of all be passionate about technology and should be excited by the idea that your work will impact millions of end-users worldwide.
• You should be analytical, product and quality-oriented. You like to investigate issues, you are creative in solving problems.
• You are open-minded, you like to discuss about design challenges and you want to push the boundaries of technology to design enticing applications.
• You are an innovator and you constantly seek to improve your knowledge and your work. Also you take ownership and you support your team, you are the backbone of your group.
• You are client and quality oriented – you do not settle for second best solutions, but you.