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Reliability Architect

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Mechanical engineering

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Veldhoven, Netherlands


Research & development


8+ years



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Mechanical engineering




If you enjoy applying your engineering experience to state-of-the-art technology in a word-leading environment and you are equally inspired to execute your ideas, then Reliability Engineering at ASML is for you. This job requires more than excellent technical ability alone, you also need the vision and leadership to inspire, convince and motivate others.

Job Mission

The semiconductor industry represents the cutting edge of high technology. Simply to survive in this fast-moving environment, organizations must continually innovate and re-invent their products at very high frequencies. To be a leader in this environment you must move faster and more often than anyone else. That’s why at ASML we have established culture of “green light thinking” and a “go, Go, GO” mentality. Everyone at ASML knows the importance of generating big ideas. And everyone knows the importance of getting those big ideas to market first. It’s an adrenalin-filled atmosphere. One that must also embrace the absolute importance of system reliability. An area that is not familiar for all engineers yet, but that is changing rapidly since the customer expects this from ASML. That’s why as an ASML Reliability Engineer you will not only need excellent technical skills but also the ability to network and communicate with other ASML people to keep the notion of reliability at the top of everyone’s mind. You must get involved and stay involved with new module designs and their creators, and maintain reliability issues at the level of importance they require.

Job Description

By helping to build further and maintain the ASML Design for Reliability methodology you will play a central role in continuing the commercial success of the world’s leading provider of lithography systems for semiconductors. It is a commercial success that is founded on three business essentials: innovation, time-to-market, and system reliability, so your technical skills will be vital. In addition to those technical skills you will deploy your communication skills and your persistence to continually influence others and maintain system reliability as a key performance indicator for the whole of ASML. You won’t be doing this alone, but also with other sectors within ASML such as Industrial Engineering, Production and Customer Support.
For a specific subsystem and its related parts & modules / building blocks:
-Analyze field performance and lessons learned.
-Establish reliability requirement and budget breakdown.
-Define operational environment & user case.
-Perform risk analysis / FMEA together with development team.
-Identify critical parts.
-Risk retirement, including feasibility and lifetime testing.
-Reliability testing at different function levels within a subsystem.
-Reliability prediction.
-Review: design robustness.


BSc, MSc, or PhD in mechanical engineering, mechatronics or (applied) physics, preferably with focus on reliability engineering. Six Sigma Black Belt or Green Belt certificate is a big advantage


Priority will be given to candidates with at least four years practical experience with reliability engineering & qualification. Other candidates with a technical background and experience in Industrial problem solving, failure mechanisms and statistics are encouraged to apply. Experience in a multidisciplinary environment is an advantage

Personal skills

-Analytical expert
-Driven to achieve results
-Understand change management principles
-Team worker

Context of the position

You will report directly to the D&E manager of the Reliability Engineering group

Other information

Reliability, quality, design, innovation, time-to-market, mechanical, mechanical engineering, failure mechanics, statistics, (Design for) Six sigma, Black belt, Green Belt, Master Black Belt, Shainin.