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Proto integrator - Junior project lead

Research & development

Mechanical engineering

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Veldhoven, Netherlands


Research & development


3-7 years



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Mechanical engineering




ASML’s Applications products are critical elements in the semiconductor manufacturing process. A “proto” is a proto type version of an ASML production system. Proto systems are used for the verification of existing and new hardware and software functionality, as well as for qualifying system releases.
In your role as proto integrator you plan and coordinate system integration activities to build and deliver proto systems with minimum lead-time and maximum quality, while making sure the utilization of the proto-system is maximized.

Job Mission

The proto Integrator (PI) works closely with the Project Leader to plan and drive the execution of system integration activities, the so called High Level Integration Step (HLIS) packages on the proto Systems.
You interface with D&E Project/Team leaders, Proto Engineers, System Test Engineers andProject Integrators.
Overall responsibility is to manage the pre-requisites for the HLIS packages and to deliver and qualify an optimized HLIS sequence and recovery, taking into account dependencies, resourcing, tooling, materials and other prerequisites. The Proto Integrator will report daily progress/delays and escalate issues as they surface.

Job Description

- Daily management of proto integration:
Maintain a daily plan for a couple of proto systems based on the overall integration plan and test claims from development projects.
Define milestones and deliverables with the team of proto engineers and make sure these are met.
Manage the execution of the daily plan: set priorities and adjust plan in case of disturbances. Strong interaction with the delivering development projects is required. Often this is a combined effort with a System Test Engineer (who maintains an overview of functional dependencies).
Procure tools and parts required to perform the planned integration tasks.
Create and maintain a forward looking mid-term proto integration plan in line with the product development master plan.
Maximize the utilization of the proto systems.
Manage improvements in the cleanroom (e.g. safety).
- Issue Management:
Make sure all issues found on proto systems are properly diagnosed and reported
Chase and implement solutions.
Chair product integration issue management meeting
- Machine performance and configuration control:
Plan the hardware and software configuration of the proto system over time.
Manage differences between configuration-to-be-built and configuration-as-build by frequent implementation of engineering changes through upgrades
Make sure the correct procedures and recoveries are available to bring the machine to the specified performance level.
- Drive content of integration: know the content of the integration steps to be executed at the system. Drive the progress of integration with technical knowhow and report on progress to stakeholders.


BSc/MSc in electronics/physics/mechatronics


- Proven background of at least 3-5 years in relevant multidisciplinary technical working environment
- Knowledge of system integration competences, e.g. dependency planning in V-model and complex system troubleshooting and diagnosis
- Experience with leading a team and/or small projects

Personal skills

- High degree of autonomy, proactive and pragmatic attitude
- A real team player with a quality orientation
- Able to plan and prioritize
- Coaching, leadership and stakeholder management skills
- Possesses good oral presentation skills and be able to effectively present results in a team meeting
- Flexible and stress-resistant: be able to deal with changes in an uncertain and dynamic environment
- Requires the ability to read and interpret engineering specifications, maintenance manuals and engineering sketches
- Excellent knowledge of the English language

Context of the position

The position is in the System Integration group within the AD DE Process Window Detection Software Department in the business line Applications.
The System Integration group is part of D&E (Design and Engineering) and responsible for the integration of modules into a proto system and prove that the system can meet the specifications. Proto systems are used to verify the design concept at system level, which includes hardware and software. The end goal is to find all issues before the new system is pilot, i.e. in the factory and at the customer.

Other information

Project management, planning, system integration, proto systems, system maintenance, hardware, software, mechanics, multi-disciplinary, testing, semiconductor industry, high-tech