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Senior Space Planner

Other corporate functions

Facility management

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Veldhoven, Netherlands


Other corporate functions


3-7 years



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Facility management



Job Mission

Do you have experience in Facility Management more specifically in Housing and Workplace Management?

As the Senior Space Planner of Corporate Real Estate – Strategic Housing you are responsible for the planning of office space for all ASML locations in the Netherlands. Together with the colleagues in your team you manage and ensure a high level of business satisfaction on workplace planning.You proactively manage developments and opportunities in the field of workplace management and office space planning and translate these into housing scenarios for all sectors and business lines within ASML.

You drive topics like business analysis, workplace demand management, workplace usage or workforce growth in order to efficiently plan & support the development of our workplace experience. You make the connection between business needs, the available office space in various locations and the ability to expand or reevaluate our office space & workplace use.

The job mission of the Senior Space Planner is to manage and deliver optimal office space solutions for ASML employees. Together with the Strategic Housing & Workplace Experience experts,Real Estate Portfolio Managers, Business Partners and other colleagues in the team you collect the needs, develop state-of-the-art housing solution scenario’s and create future oriented solutions that ensures the continuity of the ASML workforce growth related to our office space.

Job Description

As Space Planner you are responsible to create and secure a broad supported housing master planning which secures our office space roadmap for five years ahead, you work together with Housing Data Analysts, Business Partners and Real Estate Portfolio Managers to make sure that each part of the plan is delivered as agreed upon with various stakeholders, keeping in mind that our yearly workforce growth and business developments are an ever uncertain factor for our masterplan and will be changing constantly. Together with the team you monitor the balance between housing demand, the use of our actual space and you will achieve the best-fit approach balancing occupation, business continuity, risk and cost. You bring a broad scope and network of peers to keep knowledge up to date and introduce improvements. By doing so, you support other colleagues worldwide in the implementation of space planning requirements.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Develop, secure and plan the long term office housing master planning for all sectors and business lines of ASML in the Netherlands
  • Translate all applicable housing data, share and discuss with Real Estate Portfolio Managers, Business Partners and Floor Designers in order to create the correct housing solutions.
  • Translate strategic housing plans into tactical solutions and share/delegate to Floor managers and Solution specialists
  • Manage and delegate, small, short term and operational housing issues to Housing Solution Specialist and/or Local Facility Managers
  • Ensure that all housing data analytics and reporting is delivered/provided in an effective manner, focusing on availability, accessibility and stability, so that it helps to structurally understand current and future developments
  • Define Housing solution requirements, validate process, procedures and ways of working to ensure on time delivery and quality of service
  • Leading role to develop a global level of expertise and standards on space planning. Initiate global knowledge sharing and standardize the housing & workplace planning strategies and performance criteria worldwide together with local colleagues.


  • BSc or MSc degree in business management, real estate management, facility management, or organizational studies.


  • 7-10 years of relevant working experience in facility management. Experience in large campus and/or production facilities are a plus.
  • Experience and up to date knowledge in office space planning, housing scenario & demand management and managing multiple senior stakeholders

Context of the position

The role of the Senior Space Planner is a global role, but with emphasis on Veldhoven, the largest production facility of ASML worldwide. Maintenance, projects, workplace and facility management processes conducted by CRE are related to the highly complex (clean room) production areas in a highly demanding and ever changing environment. Aside from that, on daily basis the campus, and other locations in Veldhoven facilitate an appealing working environment to +/- 14.000 employees. ASML has several other production facilities and offices worldwide.

ASML is the global leading company in lithography-based chip-making equipment. CRE enables the mission of ASML by providing and maintaining a consistent set of physical assets (buildings, production facilities and workplaces) and services to support the primary processes of ASML in an optimal manner. Internal interfaces include:

  • CRE Business Partners, Real Estate Portfolio Managers, Competence Experts in Workplace Experience & Employee Experience, and Data Management Team to develop and innovate solutions.
  • Consulting and alignment activities with teams in e.g. Wilton, San Diego and Linkou to assure one global way of working and drive implementation at these sites.
  • Suppliers of CRE Strategic Housing & Workplace Experience and other consultancy companies.

The Senior Space Planner is part of the Strategic Housing & Workplace Experience team which is responsible for managing and securing the entire workplace experience for ASML. The team is built as a strong solution and advisory team with complementary roles such as floor designers, solution and data specialists who are responsible for all housing solution requirements and planning, program managers who collect and manage all workplace related questions around the world and expertise managers on workplace experience such as Workplace concept designers and wellbeing experts who make sure that all employees work in a stable and efficient office workplace environment