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CS - Infrastructure Support Specialist - Linkou

Customer support

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Linkou, Taiwan


Customer support


3-7 years



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Our department covers worldwide functional support (24x5hr) for all off-scanner Applications and Infrastructure. There are used by the Customer Support (CS) work force while performing their job in serving our Customer needs. Our mission is to facilitate and improve the productivity of the users of the before mentioned applications and infrastructure in order to meet ASML’s obligations.

We are located in Asia, US and Europe.We work together by means of knowledge bases (Wiki), key users, a call management system, and work instructions. We maintain closerelationships with the key user organizations, internal suppliers, external customers(SEC, tsmc, Intel) and project organizations(e.g. LMOS, PMA NG, Raptor, ) to drive the sustainability and availability of CS used off-system applications (e.g. Coach, Maintenance Manager) and technical infrastructure (e.g. BRES, EPS, MRM), and will offer CS users functional support, process escalations, handle issues and will drive project rollout to closure, freeing the CS engineer to perform the invaluable task of pleasing our customers.

Job Mission

As a Senior Infra Support Project Leader AS you are the point of contact for the ASML Customer Support application/infra user community (when the knowledge base and key users cannot support them). While continuously expanding your general knowledge and expertise on our total support portfolio, you either resolve issues immediately or you escalate to an expert within our team or to other service providers or to other owners in cross sectors. In addition, you will also be responsible to execute one or more expert and BAM-Business Application Owner roles.

Job Description

Your main responsibilities are to drive/coordinate end customers(TSMC, Samsung, SKhynix, Micron and Intel) process/project discussion of infrastructure/security topics, to maintain end customer relationship, to lead technical project progress with various sectors in continentals(Europe, USA and Asia), to ensure the support calls are picked up and handled to the satisfaction of our end-users and within given KPI’s, to manage the knowledge bases updated, to arrange resources and participate in user acceptance tests and to administrate escalations in our call management system/customer requirements. Working hours need to fit the time window for which the AS team is responsible. To cover our support responsibilities, participation in a ‘standby’ duty schedule might be part of the job.

Within the scope of our team responsibility, as a Senior Infrastructure Support Project Leader, you …
• Manage(identify) end customer requirements of process/technical topics
• Answer questions of CS engineers;
• Prioritize, diagnose, solve and/or escalate issues;
• Follow up with D&E, IT, Marketing, account team and CS managers to ensure that requirements/issues have been resolved;
• Interface with application owner, service manager and service providers (e.g. IT, development)
• Develop strategical proposal to administrate call progress in our call management system;
• Align with product manager, project manager, account manager and marketing through a series of actions (mainly by email/telephone/Skype/conference/workshop);
• Support the roll-out of new/changed applications;
• Establish a good working relationship with local CS management and end customers (especially within your continent);
• Train users;
• Execute functional maintenance tasks;
• Document internal procedures and work instructions;
• Participate in the emergency phone system duty schedule;
• Will perform the needed travel for training (giving/receiving), aligning, executing work at local office or customers premises.
• Facilitate customer engagement of ASML infrastructure in Asia
o Support infra. requirement of ASML new project pilot
o Collect CS requirement for project implementation
o Manage / coordinate new Infra. changes of new customer requirements (eg. MFT/EPS3.0)
o Setup, Manage and support EPS3 software deployment / rollout process
• Coordinate Infra readiness ref. MRM Chapter2 implementation in local CS and end customers in Asia
o CS Infra. gap analysis
o Driving power to assist local CS manager in communicating Infra. agreement
o Infra. architecture
• Standardize and establish on WoW agreement with local CS & end customer in Asia
o Build up Infra. committee in customer
o Bridge customer requirements to local CS way of working
o Manage Malware coordination with practical situations (AV scanner SCR/SCN)
o Perform CS Infrastructure site visit / KT in local site office
• Develop process to ensure quality service environment of NPI product and overall current CS proposition in Asia
o Manage various data requirements by communicating with local CS and end customers
o Ensure data competence completeness by handling escalation in fields.
o Collect/identify CS requirements to develop the cleanroom security devices
o Handle CS Webform / Service Now Vanilla call management
o Gain expert level knowledge of LMOS applications and ensure improved service to the field

Within the scope of our team responsibility, as a BAM, Business Application Manager role, in addition to the above, you …
•Gather CS requirements (that are input for the CS roadmaps and projects);
•Align with CS local offices and local CS management, including making arrangements on beta-testing (e.g. User Acceptance Tests);
•Test and roll-out improvements;
•Participate in projects that develop new and/or affect existing functionality. Your primary responsibility is to drive project progress, to provide the knowledge on the CS way of working and the functional support needs such that the project results will seamlessness integrate with the needs of the users. Your input will safeguard our team requirements with respect to serviceability and maintainability of the application/infrastructure.


Position requires a Master degree or Doctor degree in an information management, information technology, engineering field or equivalent experience. Analytical trouble shooting abilities.


6 years or more experience working in project management or an application support in an international setting, preferably in a high tech industry with worldwide coverage. Initiate and offer productive promotion to increase usage by phases in various ideas actively in service field. Knowledge of the ASML way of working in general, semi customer communication management and the CS way of working specifically is of added value to this position.

Personal skills

• Strong communication skills in English (both verbal and written);
• Certified Project management program
• Non mandatory but beneficial to the position, the ability to speak any of the following languages: Mandarin, Korean, Japanese.
• Driven, analytical and a team player;
• Customer focused, service, support and result driven;
• Capable of dealing with a very broad range of (technical) subjects;
• Ability to switch to from ‘firefighting’ to ‘helicopter view’ easily;
• Continuous improvement mindset;
• Able to drive, steer and convince others (influencing without power);
• Able to write clear requirement specifications and application documentation;
• Knowledge of business information systems as used by CS or able obtain that knowledge quickly;
• Able to build strong networks;
• Cultural awareness;
• Ability to quickly master the business context of automation tools;
• Willingness to travel (both foreign and domestic), can be ~25% of the time;
• Flexibility in work hours to secure worldwide coverage / support;

Context of the position

Sector Information
The sector Customer Support (CS) is responsible for the maintenance, repair and continuous improvement of ASML systems at customer locations, as well as transferring all relevant knowledge and supporting the customer in the use of these systems in their production process.

Position in the Organization
The CS Infrastructure Support Senior Infra Support Project Leader AS reports to the Team Leader CS Infrastructure Support AS. Our team is part of the CS Engineering department and we have people located in Veldhoven (HQ and EMEA support), Taiwan (APAC support), and the USA (AMER support).

Other information

Office location
The CS Infrastructure AS team is located in Linkou, Taiwan and Hwasung, Korea

This position will include travel outside Linkou (~50%) e.g. for training, alignment(Internal and external) and roll-out purposes.