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HMI - Operation Project Leader -Tainan


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Tainan, Taiwan




3-7 years



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Job Mission

Your ultimate mission as a MFG Project Leader is to enable the factory to smoothly transition into the volume production of next generation HMI eBeam products.You will approach this mission from three directions: firstly, ensure meticulous pre-proto preparation of all new systems and products. Secondly, ensure that the factory team is fully trained and motivated. And thirdly, ensure that all possible design improvements identified in the previous generation and during the proto phase are accurately fed back to the Development and Engineering (D&E) organization and committed to be solved. This will help realize more reliable and manufacturable designs and ensure that cycle time and cost targets are hit on time. It is, of course, a difficult task and an exciting career for someone motivated by challenges.

Job Description

As a MFG PL you will prepare the factory for a smooth introduction of some of the most complex machines ever built – the HMI eBeam metrology product from ASML. But of course you won’t be alone; you will be the key interface between development engineering, manufacturing engineering and the factory floor.This typically means interfacing with teams in Asia, the Netherlands and the U.S. Your activities can broadly be divided into two types: pro-active preparation of the factory before the roll-out of new systems, and re-active trouble-shooting and damage control after.

【Main Responsibilities 】
1)Prepare theindustrialization of all new HMI eBeam products, system and Modules, followingASML’s 6P=P process which covers Product, Procedures, People, Plant,Production Tools, and Parts.
2)Prepare necessarydocumentation in order to pass each Key Decision gate check on time. (PGP2011 process)
3)Drive a largeD&E (Development and Engineering) organization (10 to 30 separateprojects per new product) towards a reliable and manufacturable systemdesign
4)Deliverprototypes on time while documenting all the issues to be solved beforeramp to volume production.
5)Assist toindustrialize the proto and/or pilot production, create way of workingsand prepare for ramping up and high volume production
6)Analyze thebusiness data from proto and/or pilot production process, drive forefficacy improvement in production
7)Ensure outputprogress in pilot phase, plan for resource, e.g. manpower or qualifiedparts, for pilot production
8)Specify andsecure the training needs to enable the manufacturing group to build thesystems.

9)Feedbackknowledge to D&E to ensure system design improvement, maintain theissue resolution escalation channel

10)Serve theProduction Engineering team and Sustaining Engineering team by making allof the new product requirements explicitly clear and then work withvarious competence owners to help them secure their deliverables on time


Master’s degree


Extensive project management experience (3-5 years) in a high-tech equipment industry. Preferably experience in the area of new product introduction or design.

Personal skills

1)The ability to influence without power across a global organization to make sure that issues land at the right desk and are committed to a timely solution
2)Structured, complete and multicultural communication without fear to speak up in front of unfamiliar audiences
3)Understanding of design and assembly and test processes to ensure that you are able to find the right person when you need in-depth expertise and you can validate plans
4)Expert planning capabilities to focus on the right level of detail and ensure resources are committed to keep the introduction plan on schedule
5)High level of personal flexibility to traveland frequently attend conference calls at inconvenient times to facilitate global connections
6)Determination to gather opinions within the manufacturing organization to ensure all voices are heard during the development and ramp up process.
7)Work independently and bring clarity to un-clear situations by applying a balance of knowledge, experience and instinct.

Context of the position

Report to Process Improvement team manager, process improvement team is responsible for work preparation, engineering change, process improvement and project portfolio management.