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D&E - System and Software Engineer - Tainan

Research & development

Computer science & software engineering

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Tainan, Taiwan


Research & development


3-7 years


High school

Job Category

Computer science & software engineering



Job Mission

The software created by HMI, an ASML Company for scanning electron microscope (SEM) image processing and wafer defect inspection is highly efficient and real-time performance critical. Together with the High-Performance Computing team it is your task to ensure there is a platform where this software can run with high performance achieved and availability guaranteed. The team you work with designed the software platform setup, the Computational Infrastructure virtualization layers, manages firmware updates, and provides a key set of numerical algorithm optimization services to manage the platform. The team is very strong on the technical aspects. A candidate with affinity towards team collaboration and technical excellency, picking up daily issues that arise and guide priority setting is encouraged to bring this forward.

The hands-on job is to support both numerical algorithm optimization of existing code, and platform optimization on both in-house and cloud computing platforms. The stability of the existing platforms in the field and the introduction of the new platform with all its new opportunities and issues. You are profound in troubleshooting software, computer hardware, virtualization, network, and other software issues even if these go beyond the platform. Robust definition of software & platform development processes, install, and upgrade (ansible, shell script) is one of your hobbies. In the end, you take pride in robust and stable software platforms as you are a true software engineer.

Job Description

- Develop efficient image processing computing infrastructures for high throughput requirement
- Familiar with parallel computing techniques on multi-core computational systems
- Strong collaboration skills with manufacturing and design teams
- Maintenance and creation of Linux OS environment playbooks that are used in software deployment.
- Shell scripts and bash for many tasks.
- Support development teams at San Jose and other HMI-ASML sites where they experience potential software platform issues
- Familiar with Linux/Unix working environment with software releases. You can help identifying the implications when a move from one version to the next is required.
- Development of automated tests that can be re-used on platform changes and upgrades to ensure no regression impact is caused.
- Manage a platform setup through virtualized layer, know how to make and restore backups.
- Be able to work with Linux and Python for test execution and scripting purposes


Computer Science


3-7 Years

Personal skills

Teamwork, Communication Skills in a Multi-National and Multi-Culture Environment

Main technologies: CentOS Linux, Parallel Computing, Computer Networking, Shell Scripting