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Key Areas of Responsibility
1. The position serves as aconsultant to management on human resource-related issues.
2. Acts as an employeechampion and change agent. The role assesses and anticipates HR-relatedneeds. Communicating needs proactively with our HR department and businessmanagement, and seeks to develop integrated solutions.
3. The position formulatespartnerships across the HR function to deliver value-added service tomanagement and employees that reflects the business objectives of theorganization.
4. The position maintains aneffective level of business literacy about the business unit's financialposition, its midrange plans, its culture and its competition.
5. Ensure all employee recordsare maintained and updated with new hire information or changes ortermination in employment status.
6. Working under HR Manager tosupport daily operations to serves as a consultant to management on humanresource-related issues.
7. Manage annual campus recruitmentactivities and HR projects for Brion
8. Respond to employees’queries and resolve issue in a timely and profession manner.

1. Experience: A candidate for the position will demonstrate a minimum of 8 years ofworking experience in HR position, preferably working as senior supportpersonnel. A suitable candidate will also have some experience preferably inan organization within the same industry as the business.
2. Communication Skills: The position demands constantinteractions with employees, management, and stakeholders throughout thebusiness and, therefore, communication skills are an absolute necessity.Conflict resolution is also an additional area that will require exceptionalcommunication skills in order to ensure that solutions are expressedeffectively to the relevant parties and throughout the business
3. Analytical Skills: A candidate for this position mustbe capable of gathering and interpreting raw information and data,documenting findings, and drawing appropriate recommendations
4.Interpersonal Skills: The candidate must be a helpful,calm and professional individual, have strong time management skills, have anability to work on multiple simultaneous projects, have a keen eye fordetail, be self-motivated working under minimal supervision, be proactivegoing beyond the call of duty, and demonstrate calmness during times ofuncertainty.
5. People Skills: Be able to gunner the trust and respectof departmental heads and management. The candidate must, therefore, be alikeable and approachable individual that people are comfortable forwardingconcerns to and seeking advice from, working effectively with staff at alllevels within the business.