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Function System Engineer for Analytics Products

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Veldhoven, Netherlands


Research & development


3-7 years



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Would you like to be part of System engineering department, being responsible for defining and driving the content of Business Line ApplicationsAnalytics Products? Then, this position might be the right job opportunity for you!

Job Mission

The Functional System Engineer for Analytics Products is expected to define the technical content supporting the BL Apps Analytics Product roadmap, such that the defined products support the success ofBL Apps in the competitive and customer oriented data analytics market.

Job Description

  • Creates content proposal based on Product Marketing product definition for analytics products.
  • Defines and aligns the x-domain/sector/product functional requirements, design and test specifications for BL Apps analytics product, including customer oriented dispositioning functionality.
  • Defines and aligns internal and external requirements for product deployment and remote analytics development capability.
  • Aligns and incorporates x-product team analytics functionality in the platform definition and rollout plans to ensure ASML has one way of working and tools for analytics purposes.
  • Monitors, guides, aligns, and proposes direction in the realization of all BL Apps product specific analytics.
  • Signals architecture misalignment and organizes/preparesmeetings to set direction.
  • Represents the Digital PlatformProduct System Engineer in various meetings.


Academic level (Master or PhD) in Information technology, Software, Physics, Mathematics or any Technical area


  • More than8 - 10 years working experience in analytics/diagnostics environment with profound knowledge of Data engineering and Analysis, with basic knowledge on data science and security.
  • Minimum 5 years ASML experience, focused in development of products( ideally) and the application of the software and data analytics related products.
  • Good understanding of the Customer requirements towards ASML productsand preferably,previous Customer Fab experience.

Personal skills

  • Able to bridgebetween various analytics groups
  • Analytic mind and decisive, result oriented
  • Desire to validate/align technical (product) proposal with “day in the life of” its users
  • Feels responsible to take initiative in complex situations
  • Explains/ presents technical matters to people with different skills and background
  • Demonstrates clear communication to own project team and ASML management
  • Able to interface, motivate and convince without using formal authority
  • Demonstrates effective, constructive cooperation in multidisciplinary teams
  • Remains effective when confronted with time pressure, resistance and set-backs
  • Handles priorities effectively and negotiates conflicts in the team

Context of the position

This position is available within theAPP Patterning Group, System Engineering department. The group isfocused on Patterning roadmap, Pattern fidelity and edge placement performance, Focus/Imaging/CD control and metrology, YieldStar In-Device Metrology and Enterprise Data and Control Architecture.