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Senior Manager Goods Flow Management

Logistics & supply chain management

Logistics & supply chain management

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Veldhoven, Netherlands


Logistics & supply chain management


8+ years



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Logistics & supply chain management


Are you a seasoned Supply chain expert ready to drive change across ASML? Do you get excited by driving standardization, compliancy and professionalism across goods flows? Are you interested in managing a strong team of supply chain and goods flow experts? Then this might be the new challenge you are looking for!

Job Mission

The Senior Manager Goods Flow Management (“the senior manager”) is heading a global team of specialists, analysts and competence engineers that are fully dedicated to set-up and own the governance structure of ASML goods flows worldwide. internal clients, their needs and their duties. The goods flow team provides the competences in network modelling, process mining and standardization to simulate, propose, standardize, optimize and continuously improve goods flows.
As part of the management team of the Supply Chain Management Logistic Service Operations (SCM LSO) department, the senior manager is responsible for defining the strategy for the Goods flow function in the context of the business and corporate priorities with a high focus on his internal clients. The senior manager helps the business to innovate, liaises with members of Senior Management on a strategic level internally as well as externally in his area of goods flows, in that context he is a natural strategic leader who uses facts and data to provide different options on goods flow optimization strategies.
The senior manager is regarded and recognized as an independent authority with respect to Goods flows and business knowledge outside his own discipline within ASML as well as on the outside. In his functional area of Goods flows he acts as a coach for his team but also in a broader sense as a functional expert within ASML.

Job Description

The senior manager provides professional Goods Flow (GF) Services to ensure structured, controlled and transparent flow of goods through our logistic network , which actively helpsour customers, peers and ASML to become more efficient, excellent in quality and flawless in execution.
-Global responsible for defining strategies, policies and structure in order to ensure a worldwide ASML framework of standardized goods flows
-Together with internal clients, the senior manager is responsible for the definition and alignment of (Key) Performance Indicators GF function linked to ASML business priorities and strategic goals
-Proposes, owns and maintains the global goods flow library including basic parameters across SCM and ASML
-Provides goods flow designs (network modelling) : E2E ownership, scenarios planning, modelling, flow proposals, improvement, optimization, recommendations
-Evaluates End2End, global logistics flows between 1st tier suppliers to(any) field location
-Measures, standardizes and analyses adherence to flow execution and proposes improvements using Key Performance Indicators which are aligned with internal customers. Contributes in strategic projects within SCM and outside, focus on logistic goods flow processes
-Lead a global team of experts to manage and support internal clients to achieve standardization of goods flows across ASML


- Technical study (University), preferred with a technical degree


- Worked in medium / low volume, complex machine manufacturing environment
- Experience in Semiconductor industry preferred, helps for efficient supplier/customer interaction and to understand the economic structure ASML is working in
- Experience to work with complex logistic processes within a global organization with a global network of suppliers and customers
- > 10years managerial experience to manage a cross-functional team with experts and with high diversity in experience and knowledge
- > 5years managerial budget responsibility (OPEX/CAPEX)

Personal skills

- Set directions (Mission/Vision/Values) short and with long term perspective (3-5 years)
- Makes operational, tactical and strategic decisions with full accountability
- Leads structural, cross sector improvements with a clear/visible link to ASML business priorities
- Works and thinks in processes with a well-controlled level of operational pragmatism
- Clear understanding of customer/supplier relationship
- Manages a high educated, competent team with specialist and dedicated expertise
- Managessector / x-sector stakeholders
- Contributes to the of overall business priorities, goals, plans, strategy and policy
- Understands, maintains and optimizes work processes
- Initiates and leads continuous organizational (department, function) improvements
- Provides vision for his organization and long term strategy (roadmap)
- Building partnership and working collaboratively with others to meet shared objectives
- Recognizing that value that different perspectives and cultures bring to an organization
- teamwork, leadership, ownership, focused, structured, remain persistent, cost driven, deliver high quality, continuously improve, meet customer expectations

Context of the position

The Goods Flow Management organization is playing a central role in ASML ambition to enable an cost efficient and effective global logistic network for goods movements.
- Standardize actual way of working(s) for goods movements globally from n-Tier supplier to the end customer , all in a global footprint
- Modular goods movement definition and execution to enable also the fast response on future goods movements and easy to align globally standard requirements
- Goods flow creation: enable the organization for a fast response on logistic options on specific material movement requests and support the fast implementation
- Maintain goods flows and optimize them on costs (direct, indirect) and throughput(time, quantity)
- Focus on special goods flows like E2E return flow which are serving specific business needs and requirements like customer contracts, Incoterms or specific Service Level Agreements
The role of the central LSO GF organization is to get goods flow management enabled to apply global policies and execute them in a transparent and standardized network . The senior manager has to be the change agent and maintainer of the global goods flow framework.
To be capable to do this work, the GF management organization has to be managed on 4 pillars of expertise and specialism : network design, process mining, process standardization and process engineering . This expertise has to be applied in all levels in the organization, starting from the operational baseline over the SCM tactic up to the company wide strategic level. Therein, stakeholders are beside the own SCM organization all factories, sales, procurement and also D&E organizations involved in the definition, execution and maintenance of our ASML wide (local, regional, global) goods flows.
The capability of GF management organization is founded on 4 pillars of expertise and specialism : network design, process mining, process standardization and process engineering .

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