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Manufacturing - Yieldstar First Line Support Engineer - Linkou


Mechanical engineering

In a nutshell


Linkou, Taiwan




3-7 years



Job Category

Mechanical engineering




How does it feel to work on the most advanced metrology system inthe biggest semi-con company in the world, and you’re the one who knows aboutit the most?
Start as a First Line Support engineer to start your journey ofdeep diving into the technology of the product and panorama of the companybehind the veil.

Job Mission

• Delivers technical support for the production and installationprocess
• Prevents technical disturbances from repeating.
• Participates in projects (NPI, structural improvement, etc)
• Scope of product: System (competence)

Job Description

Functional competencies and skills
• Ableto work according standard work procedures and standard work packageindependently and willing to take responsibility of action without standardprocedure with proper training provided.
• Ableto solve technical issues according to specifications and quality standardsto secure no delivery delay (output vs. plan) within competence.
• Responsiblefor quickly resolution of technical disturbance in the factory or escalate toProduction Engineers, Industrial Engineers and Develop Engineers.
• Responsiblefor contributing in optimizing processes within own competence.
• Ableto advise across departments on potential direction of solution/ improvementwithin competence.
• Ableto feed the continuous improvement process by identifying structural issuesand initiating and executing projects
• Ableto improve FLS way of working
• Ableto use developed skills and technical concepts to find optimal solutions forspecific problems in an innovative and creative way
• Ableto prevent technical disturbances from repeating by implementing learningfrom previous platform issues and enforcing R4V (Release for Volume)according PGP
• Becomesresponsible for introducing Volume way of working during (pre) Pilotproduction
• Ableto use own developed skills (experience on the job) to find optimal solutionfor specific problems and resolve them.
• Hasin depth technical knowledge of competence, in other words: knows the effectsof deviations within sub system/module on performance of that sub system/module.
• Ableto develop training program to train and coach competence colleagues in theirexpertise.
• Ableto explain and present technical matters within competence group and towardsthe key interfaces.
• Convinces,explains, presents and gets buy-in on technical matters on the basis ofrational often technical arguments.
• Trains,assists and coaches junior colleagues in:
-problem solving and diagnostics
- newproducts and processes
-technical knowledge
- teamwork
• Trainscolleagues of Test/ TPG/ SIE to improve their problem solving capabilities.
• Actsas an Operational Coordinator for junior PE FLS.


Engineeringbachelor or above related


3-7 years semi-con or OEM experience

Personal skills

Language ability
• Goodat English speaking and writing(TOEIC 703↑).
• Proactive,eager to learn and share.
• PossessLean/Kaizen mindset.
• Willingand flexible to take ownership.
• Attentiveto detail and logical reasoning.
• Open-minded,high potential to fulfill department growth.

Context of the position

FLS team is a group of firefighters in the factory who is incharge of solving all the emergent technical issues of our machines in theshortest time and technical consultants who provides knowledge transfer andcorrect technical judgement to the production line.
You will be facing the challenge from time pressure, knowledgeshortage and issues you have never seen before. But don’t worry!! As long asyou’re willing to learn, you will have much more sense of accomplishment!!

Other information

Yieldstar is fast-improving product of ASML. It has editionrevision almost every year. Since our full system and metrology module aredesigned in the Netherlands and the USA, we’re required to do NPI project inboth location very frequently.
FLS is a very technical team that requires a lot of independentlearning. However, besides the technical training material we can provide,the company also provides a plenty of management and project related trainingfor everyone to take.

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