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Senior C / C++ Developer Metrology Measure

Research & development

Computer science & software engineering

In a nutshell


Veldhoven, Netherlands


Research & development


3-7 years



Job Category

Computer science & software engineering




We have organized our metrology resources into several clusters and each of these clusters consists of two groups: functional and software. The former envisions and shapes metrology processes, while the latter designs and develops them in software. Although their focus is different, both groups are tightly linked together cooperating towards the best end result.
The software metrology groups interact with each other on a project basis. These groups are composed of software engineers and architects who design, implement, test and maintain software according to functional specifications.

Job Mission

Metrology software orchestrates the behavior of powerful mechatronic modules, so that together they achieve an extraordinary combination of speed and accuracy. For example, one such module (a wafer stage), accelerates faster than a fighter jet to enable the ASML machine to position a silicon wafer in less than a second, with nanometer accuracy! As well as using metrology systems to position wafers, ASML also uses metrology systems to measure and compensate for sub-nanometer inaccuracies that inevitably creep in due to material imperfections, temperature fluctuations, and/or atmospheric pressure changes. To achieve such challenging results, the best metrology systems ever imagined are required.

Job Description

Solutions of the metrology functional group are implemented in software by the metrology software department.
Your role is to design high-quality software, allowing fast and efficient delivery of complex metrology functions.

The main tasks & responsibilities are:
- Collaborating with other software engineers to design and implement features.
- Quickly producing well-organized, optimized, and documented source code in C/C++, python.
- Creating and documenting software tools required by architects or other developers.
- Debugging existing source code and polish feature sets.
- Contributing to technical design documentation.
- Paying attention to detail is essential and all tasks must be carried out to the highest standard.


Master in computer science, software engineering, system engineering, or equivalent


- Master’s degree in computer science, software engineering, system engineering, or equivalent.
- 7 years’ experience as a software engineer (object-oriented design) in a multidisciplinary setting.
- A proven track-record in C/C++/python, UML, Unix/Linux.
- Experience with Software Architecture/ Modular architecture and a general understanding of how software concepts map to machine behavior.
- Experience with Software Design Patterns, Gmock/Gtest and Code versioning (Git/SVN).
- An understanding of mathematical and physical concepts and translating them to clean software designs.
- Experience with requirements engineering.
- Able to handle legacy software.
Additional qualifications

- MATLAB experience is a plus.
- Experience with the Agile way of working.
- Experience with model driven engineering / Modelling.

Personal skills

ASML is a highly dynamic environment, which requires you:
- To be a good communicator
- A team player
- To be a problem solver
- To be flexible towards changes
- To take initiative
- To be result oriented

As a software designer, we expect you:
- To show leadership
- Influence your stakeholders
- To deploy software architecture changes and development methods.