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Veldhoven, Netherlands


Research & development


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ASML’s mission is to enable this continuous shrink, by developing machines which are at the heart of a wafer fab and which are capable of recreating an image with nanoscale feature sizes on a wafer. While feature sizes become smaller, demands with respect to accuracy and reliability of this image become stricter. As a consequence, conditioning all the solid, liquid and gaseous bodies in the optical path in our scanner also becomes more demanding.

Job Mission

Are you an expert on Direct simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) and other particle based methods but think you have seen it all? Great! Because then we have a very interesting and challenging open position for you at the moment. As a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) expert you will get the chance to work in a High End and High Tech environment. You’ll be challenged to solve extremely complex cases in a multidisciplinary project team. Not only you will be analyzing but you will also set your footprint on the development and experimental validation of new and existing CFD models. Are you curious about this position at FTMA team? Please send your application and hopefully we can welcome you soon.

As an expert, your mission is to understand the physics behind temperature control (milliKelvin), flow dynamics (microns) and contamination (ppm) in geometries with wide range of length scales. Furthermore, optimize design parameters in the critical light path of the optical column, in order to improve machine performance such as defectivity, throughput, and overlay.

Job Description

- Provide knowledge, understanding and description of complex flow and thermal phenomena and their impact on the current design in order to initiate solutions or direction for ASML projects and functions.
- Develop models and apply DSMC as well as CFD analysis to investigate transport phenomena in order to evaluate sensitivity of design parameters to machine performance.
- Participate in the preparation of Test Performance Specifications (TPS) to identify critical test, ensure model validation and show where DSMC is required in addition to CFD and other data to create added value for the project and to the experiment.
- Troubleshoot and contribute in escalations .
- Frequently interact with D&E projects, Functions, Competences, Customer Support and Research.

You will be part of a project team, working to meet a shared goal against challenging constraints. You will be providing input for test plans, carrying out analyses, reporting results and conclusions, interfacing with other projects, marketing, customer support and your internal customers.

Working at ASML as an engineer is about being part of a dynamic, fast-paced community, facing unprecedented challenges at the forefront of technology together. You will find an open environment, offering many possibilities to take charge of your career, to be inspired, to have fun.


PhD in physics specialized in particle based methods to simulate flow and/or thermal and programming is perceived as your native language.


- Broad knowledge and experience in rarefied flow simulations.
- Proven experience in coding and apply a DSMC method on a High Performance Computing platform.
- Experience with LINUX, shell scripting, PBSpro, Java, C/C++, python is a must and preferably also on a broader range of tools (STAR-CCM+, AMEsim, MacroFlow, COMSOL, FLUENT, CFX, OpenFOAM, matlab, NX, …)
- Knowledge with other numerical methods (LBM, MD (e.g. GROMACS), ABINITIO…) is desirable.
- Proven experience in devising custom physics models and their implementation into numerical models.
- Proven experience in solving multi-physics problems, e.g. flow-thermal-structural problems.
- Experience with experiments planning, execution, analysis and results communication.

Personal skills

- Team player, responsible, reliable, flexible, committed, coach.
- Strong pragmatic attitude, inquisitive, self-propelling and enthusiastic.
- Out-of-the-box thinker, analytical thinking.
- Open-minded to learning new methods and physics.
- Being able to communicate complex topics in a simple way in order to convey your vision.

Context of the position

ASML is organized in 3 business lines: Deep UV, Extreme UV and Applications. The FTMA team will serve several projects in the different business lines. The FTMA team is responsible for the validation and the maturity growth of simulation models/processes and provides knowledge/understanding of the relevant physics phenomena. You will be working in a team of experts who have the ambition to challenge high-end complex flow problems. This requires committed people who would like to use and broad their modelling experience in the coming years and who aim to be recognized as expert throughout the company in his/her field of expertise, by contributing to a team of experts that respect each other and are always willing to help their colleagues. The projects we serve provide new designs, the software, the implementation and the functional integration up till testing at machine performance. For this, they have close interaction with other competences like: servo; system dynamics; thermal; infrastructure; software and with performance projects like: levelling, projection, focus and defectivity. As a CFD expert you are expected to oversee them all and act not as a side consultant, but as an active project member willing to go the extra mile. Due to our long history in flow and thermal modeling our influence spreads over the complete ASML-organization, we focus on ASML core and critical simulations and interact with dedicated farm out parties that apply our way of working and systems to execute part of the CFD work.

Other information

Keywords: DUV, EUV, microfluidics, multiphase, CFD, vacuum, immersion, flow, thermal, performance, high performance computing, rarefied gas flows