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HMI-Mix Signal Electrical Design Engineer

Research & development

Electrical engineering

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Beijing, China


Research & development


3-7 years



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Electrical engineering


An Mix signal electrical design engineer would be responsible for engineering of analog/digital mix signal boards/modules for E-beam metrology tools.

Job Mission

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Job Description

1. Work with sub-system architect, derive EPS, TPS and EDSfor mix signal related boards or modules
2. Design low noise high speed ADC or DAC convertorcircuits.
3. Design signal acquisition and processing subsystem with FPGA.
4. Conduct schematic capture, circuit simulation, PCBlayout
5. Prepare technical documents for module manufacture andrelease
6. Conduct module prototyping, debug, and full functionbench test
7. Support module level and sub-system level and systemlevel integration


master with 2+ years hands-on experiences, or bachelor with 5+ years hands-on experiences, in electrical engineering or related fields.


Hands-on experiences of schematic capture, schematic level simulation, PCB layout, PCB level simulation, prototyping, and problem solving. Familiar with test equipment such as multi-meter, signal / function generator, oscilloscope, signal / spectral analyzer, and network analyzer. The candidate should have the following specific skills or experiences.

Personal skills

1. FPGA circuit design and building experiences.
2. High resolution (equal to or greater than 16 bits) ADCand DAC application experience.
3. Low noise and high speed OPA circuit (board level)design and building experiences. OPA application experiences
4. Low noise Linear regulator circuit design and buildingexperiences
5. High accuracy voltage or current reference circuit(board level) design and building experience.
6. Knowledge and experience of board level and modulelevel shielding and grounding is a plus.
7. Knowledge and experience of signal integrity and powerintegrity is a plus.
8. Good team work andStrong communication skills

Context of the position

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Other information

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