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Scrum Master Electrical Development

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Electrical engineering

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Veldhoven, Netherlands


Research & development


3-7 years



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Electrical engineering




Are you an experienced Scrum Master, a servant leader who is challenged by guiding a scrum team, ensuring timely delivery, facilitate the scrum rituals and inspire the team to improve itself in the SAFe context of a high-tech organization? We might be looking for you!

Job Mission

You work as a Scrum Master in the Electronic Development cluster. You are a servant leader with strong coaching skills and a broad Scaled Agile experience. You coach your team in becoming a self-organizing scrum team and facilitate scrum rituals like daily stand-up, sprint planning, retrospectives etc. You support the team in the continuous improvement process, towards a high performing team. You ensure timely delivery of committed items on the backlog of the agile team. You are working in close consultation with the Release Train Engineer and other Scrum Masters in the Agile Release Train and the Product Owner of your wagon.

Job Description

The Scrum Master is responsible for the following:
- Ensures timely delivery of committed items on the backlog of the agile team(s).
- Leads, builds and facilitates the team to become high performing.
- Creates transparency and alignment on team speed, quality of deliverables and happiness.
- Signals and removes impediments to ensure timely delivery from the scrum team(s).
- Ensures the team follows the way of working and delivers quality related to their own disciplines.
- Creates focus in the team by shielding them from external interferences.
- Provides analyses of current team rituals, evaluates bottlenecks and advice regarding improvements in team rituals.
- Helps the people around the team to understand which interaction with the team is helpful or not.
- Ensures dependencies and risks are managed by the team(s).
- Reporting to Group Leader, operationally to the Release Train Engineer.
- Ensures the pre-conditions are in place to start a work item (Definition of Ready).


- Certified Scrum Master.
- Certified in Scaled Agile Framework.
- Bachelor degree or equivalent.


- >5 years work experience of which at least 2 years in a Scrum Master role in an agile environment.
- Broad technical background and interest is required.
- Applying Scrum preferably in SAFe environment with a track record of improving team level agility.
- Experience in a high-tech environment is highly appreciated.

Personal skills

- A servant leader focusing on building a team. You are the escalation level for the team resolving impediments and create focus.
- Facilitator that sets the stage for a motivating and collaborating work environment supporting the team.
- Coaching the individual on mindset and behavior, transfers Agile knowledge and experience to the team.
- Chair and drive the rituals (scrum, sprint and program increment), ensures its disciplined execution, helping the team.
- Drives team level continuous improvement, i.e. challenges the team in view of performance parameters to greater efficiency.
- Ensures alignment on dependencies and collaboration between scrum teams.
- Fluent English in word and in writing.
- Excellent people management skills.
- Active listening, giving feedback.

Context of the position

The sector Development & Engineering (D&E) of ASML is responsible for the specification, design and realization of the products in the ASML portfolio. Within the sector D&E the cluster Electronic Development (EDEV) is responsible for the definition, realization, qualification and integration of electronic functions and modules within these products.
Within EDEV EUV the group Laser Light Generation & positioning (LLGP) is responsible for the definition, realization, qualification and integration of electronic functions needed for the drive laser, beam transport system and focus unit.
The Electronics Scrum Master reports to the EDEV EUV LLGP Group Manager or delegated Team Leader.

Other information

Please submit your resume and cover letter when applying for this position.