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Manufacturing - HV Electronic Engineer - Tainan


Electrical engineering

In a nutshell


Tainan, Taiwan




0-2 years



Job Category

Electrical engineering




About HV electronic AssistantEngineer, this is a challenging job. In addition to the production of theestablished process, we can also use our expertise to propose improvementsand make the production work smoother.

Job Mission

1. Followingthe fixed process, executed an module tunning、testingand troubleshooting jobs.
2. Providing kaizen projects forproduction process

Job Description

1. Anexperience related for high-voltage (DC 6~15KV) module assembly andtesting.
2. Moduleproduction and repaired form customer /issue analysis/verification
/maintenance/prevention andcorrection.
3. Experience related formicro-discharge analysis and improvement and preventive measures.
4. An experience with voltage-doublingrectifier circuit.
5. Skill transfer from D&E.
6. Assisted ineducation and counseling for new coming engineer in the future.


Bachelor or above


2 years

Personal skills

Basic hardware operation: Electricmeter/signal generator/oscilloscope/ welding skills

Context of the position

HV electronic AssistantEngineer is under in manufacturing department(work center-EE) .The main taskis to produce modules for used in the machine. In addition to the productionof SOPs, we also need to optimize the SOPs and cooperate with the productengineering sector or R&D sector to reduce the Cycle time and laborhours.

Other information

High quality people are a keyasset to our company. To recognize that, we offer highly competitivecompensation and benefits packages to attract and retain the very best peopleand let them share in the success that they build. Our rewards philosophy isto attract and retain specific professional knowledge and competencies withinthe company by offering a competitive package in local markets where ASML isactive.

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