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Manufacturing - YieldStar Assembly Engineer - Linkou


Mechanical engineering

In a nutshell


Linkou, Taiwan




0-2 years



Job Category

Mechanical engineering



Job Mission

Build up, calibrate and qualify ASML's products (Yield-Star sensor) with highest quality standards and world class delivery performance

Job Description

* Work on 10 hours shift as a default. Should be flexible to change to any other shifts if needed.
* Is able to work according planning, and reports daily progress of the planning. If planning is not on schedule, proposes to TL SIE new plan approach.
* Is able to execute project work.
* Understands and explains process issues as well as equipment issues to junior colleagues or towards customers
* Is capable of resolving a large part of issues without assistance and is highly independent
* Is able to track equipment performance (e.g. interpretation of test results)
* Is able to prepare technical reports for FLS or PE and give commendation of further action plan or possible solution.
* Is able to coordinate test and integration activities for the complete system


Bachelor or Master degree of Engineering


Experienced with mechanics, electronics, computer systems and software testing.
Experienced or proven affinity with functional testing and trouble shooting.

Personal skills

Capable for logging in the progress of the workflow and the interruptions.

Follow up on action plan and give feedback on taken actions.

Good English language skills in speaking and writing

Good social and communication skills

Be aware of cultures and personality barrier; easy to integrate into society.
With effective interpersonal skills, able to lead and convince others in a positive way.
With a customer focus for understanding and supporting them.

Challenge :
Able to work in a multi-disciplinary team within a high tech(proto) environment;
Be flexible to work in shifts and weekends or holidays overtime when needed;

Collaborate :
Willing to support continuous improvement, knowledge sharing and deliver training;
Accurate within the job, the job environment and the work flow;

Context of the position

Assemble Yield-Star sensor and performing calibration and qualification through functional testing.

Generate clear escalation reporting to next line support to mitigate the impact on output lost.

Point out problems on daily work and contributes to continuous improvement activities.

New product introduction into team on theory and production by knowledge transfer.

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