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Upgrade & Install Engineer

Customer support

Mechanical engineering

In a nutshell


Yokkaichi, Japan


Customer support


0-2 years



Job Category

Mechanical engineering


We are a profitable service organization delivering consistently and predictably to our agreed customer commitments over the product life-cycle, while providing a safe and great place to work with global opportunities for our people.
This position is required to speak Japanese-Native level and English-Conversational level.

Shift work will be applicable after certain training period.

Job Mission

Together with our customers we drive advanced lithography solutions to maturity. These supports are run by 24/7 in a customer production environment for achieving all committed system performance.
We are satisfied only when our systems meet our customers’ requirements for on-product performance and output.
We help our customers be successful and work with Sales and the BLs to make the voice of the customer heard, and to jointly define commercially viable solutions.

Job Description

Engineer take the response installation and relocation.
Engineer will take install and relocation coordinator roll which communicate with JP customer and ASML’s install engineer.
Coordinator will travel to all Japan customer site or WW customer site. Coordinator will take below Job.
-Pre installation coordinator
-Mechanical installation coordinator
-Integration coordinator
-Update machine progress to Customer by Japanese and English
-Make daily report to Customer by Japanese and English
-Taking leadership Customer meeting


Above Bachelor of Mechanical, Electronics or Physics


Mechanical or Electronics Engineer experience in Manufacturing company is ideal.

However if candidate has studied Education above, it is welcome to be applied.

Personal skills

-English communication skills (TOEIC score 500 level )
-Native Japanese communication skills
-Basic skills of Mechanical, electronics or Physics
-Respect teamwork
We will work all japan customer site and WW customer site .
We will business trip to all Japan and WW. 50% of travel on this position is required.

Context of the position

To be completed

Other information

Our Mission is to guide you into becoming a qualified and motivated upgrade engineer!
Qualified means that you have the right skills to do your job. It's being able to do WHAT you need to do.
First, we need to be clear on WHAT we want you to do:
-Roleclarity, provide clarity for the separate roles of upgrade engineers
We use the 70-20-10 philosophy to get you there:
-On-the-jobtraining, learning through real experience
-Learningfrom others, feedback, coaching
-Formaltraining, generic curriculum, special programs
And we provide you with some clear reporting so you know how far you are and what else you can do.

Motivation is the behavior you show. It's HOW you do your work.
We work on the following items to accomplish this:
-PeopleDevelopment program with PPM & DAP tools
-Craftsmanshipprogram - creating an high performing team
-GreatPlace To Work program
-me @ASML program
Continuous Improvement makes sure we always keep a focus on improving our people, our products and our processes.
Items that will help you to be successful with this:
-B3 -Using our human errors for improving what and how we work
-KT -Sharing knowledge transfers.

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