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Senior/Principal Architect - Digital Platform

Research & development

Computer science & software engineering

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Veldhoven, Netherlands


Research & development


8+ years



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Computer science & software engineering




ASML is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of semiconductor-chip-making equipment. Next to the machines ASML build software applications to analyze and optimize the performance of the customer production process.

Job Mission

At ASML we develop not only production equipment but also Analytics & Control solutions for these machines and litho processes. These solutions improve the accuracy of overlay, focus and shrink critical dimension. Together this defines the capabilities of the end product of a fab process; semiconductor chips of all ranges.

In this job you lead the architectural definition and realization of our cloud based digital platform. You work with senior management to make architecture meet business case. In the process you get to translate your domain knowledge of infrastructure, microservices, data ingestion and pipelines to the lithography domain. Here are IP protection, rock solid stability as well as 99.99% uptime paramount.

Today there are 12 platform teams, 100-120 engineers, architects, Product Owners and Scrum Masters working on the platform infra and microservices.
The application development teams that implement the business critical applications come from all business lines of ASML. You can consider these your engineering customers.

In short, be a key player in this compute and storage platform that is one of the main pillars under the production of the next generation microchips of Apple, Samsung and many others.

Job Description

You will be working as Senior/Principal Architect of the digital platform teams. The platforms runs the lithographic applications that drive nanometer improvements and process optimizations.

Embedding commercial and open source solutions as well as supplier engagement is essential to this role. With the applications that run on top of the platform you design and build a complete end-to-end commercial product.

Your responsibilities:

  • Balance the feature requests from a product team with long term maintainability, your focus is on the latter.
  • Work together with domain architects in realization of the product portfolio which comprises appliance and digital solutions.
  • Strive toward zero downtime upgrades of technologies but be able to make the case when cost-complexity-value of such a requirement has a negative balance.
  • Translate the needs of end customer in the lithography market towards a complete product portfolio. You will be working as Enterprise Architect of the virtual compute platform teams. The platforms runs the lithographic applications that drive nanometer improvements.
  • Over time the platforms get released as commercial products. With the applications that run on top this results in a complete end-to-end commercial product. As any technology choice you make is matched with the key requirement to have an uptime of 4 nine’s.


Master degree in computer science or relevant with proof of similar functions taken up at earlier assignments.


Required qualifications & experiences:

  • Knowledge of distributed computing systems, on-premise infrastructure development and integration of open source and commercial solutions.
  • Stakeholder management (Senior level)
  • DC/OS and Kubernetes, configuration, not just development on top off.
  • Zero / minimal downtime technology migration paths
  • Guide the troubleshooting actions for the most complex issues
  • Profound understanding of complexity in failover, replication, meeting 99.99%
  • Linux expertise
  • Proven experience in product development and software architecture realization.

Personal skills

  • Work and negotiate specs with suppliers and development partners
  • Establish and enforce architecture guidelines
  • Ensure realization of your concepts and ideas from start to release and monitoring into customer environment (worldwide)

Other information

ASML creates the conditions that enable you to realize your full potential. We provide state-of-the-art facilities, opportunities to develop your talents, international career opportunities, a stimulating and inspiring environment, and most of all, the commitment of a company that recognizes and rewards outstanding performance.
An assessment will be part of the recruitment process.

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