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Shanghai, China


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Job Mission:
You are responsible for Corporate Communications and Community Relations in mainland China (includes Hong Kong). You help protect and build the reputation of ASML in China as well as worldwide, by pro-actively identifying risks and opportunities and by handling day-to-day issues and events.
You provide strategic plans and tactical interventions to influence key external stakeholders (which include media, government and communities) about a wide variety of strategically important topics that may have global impact. Your functional execution capabilities include the independent shaping of effective messages and other communication materials in proficient English and Chinese. You support the country manager, and act yourself, as a spokesperson for the organization, representing the company, its business and its employees to external audiences.

You will be the senior in ASML China’s communications team and are expected to lead by example, with strong organizational capabilities and a proven ability to lead a team.

China has an ambitious and well-defined goal to grow its domestic semiconductor industry, and ASML is a key contributor to enable this emerging industry with already more than 1,100 employees in mainland China. The chip industry is a globally integrated value chain and collaboration with partners throughout various regions in the world has driven innovation in the chip industry, which benefits everyone. In the interest of communities around the world who depend on continuing progress of chip technology in order to tackle society’s toughest challenges, ASML promotes free trade and open innovation where all partners can be sure that the fruits of their labor and intellectual property are well protected. This approach has created tremendous value over many decades during which we have learned to both share as well as protect key knowledge between trusted partners. In your role, it is essential that these messages of prosperity through innovation for all our stakeholders is heard and understood, in order to secure our license to operate (locally and internationally) and boost our ability to attract and retain top talent on the Chinese labor market.

Job Description:
You have strong consultancy and PR/media/Public Affairs skills with proven (international) track record. You are a close and trusted adviser to the country manager of China. You sit on (and vice chair) the Asia crisis management team. You are a member of a team of international team of communication professionals and you coordinate and align your activities frequently with corporate and business functions in the country, region as well as corporate headquarters in Veldhoven, the Netherlands.
An essential part of the role is to work closely with the country management team, public affairs and China/Asia/Global Communications colleagues to properly deliver corporate messages to the China market.You will be supported by (and you will manage the China interests) a pan-Asian PR agency with an integral focus on high risk issues.

You will be responsible for, but not limited to:
Strategic communications:
You need to understand various business functions and their connection with operations. You should demonstrate the ability to understand business goals and translate them into communication goals by creating strategic, outcome-focused, measurable communication plans. You will need to analyze and break up complex problems into tasks and responsibilities that can be, and are, delegated and executed.

Making leaders better communicators:
You should be a trusted business partner of the country management team. You know how to shape messages that in line with the company’s strategy, prepare presentation materials and provide constructive feedbacks to help our leaders to better communicate externally and cascade/engage employees.

Building messages and telling the ASML’s story:
You know how to tell stories that inspire and engage. You can dig out good stories from ASML China and share those good stories to external audience to enhance the company’s reputation. You know how to find the right person and utilize networks. You have a detailed understanding of local media dynamics and know how to pitch ASML’s story to the media. You will work closely with Corporate Communication and government/Public Affairs colleagues in Asia and the headquarters.

Media monitoring and Issue management:
You need to monitor the media climate closely, detect potential risk and issues, analyze situation, involve stakeholders and Asia/headquarters Corporate Communication colleagues to develop communication strategies, build messages and execute local market communication.

Community Engagement:
You need to identify the opportunities and organize initiatives/volunteering programs that help to strengthen local communities, promote diversity and unlock potential through an enthusiasm for technology.

Coach and leader:
As the senior in the growing China Communications team (currently 3 FTE), you coach and support your colleagues with a strong mix of hard and soft leadership skills. ASML has an informal culture and a flat hierarchy in which every individual is encouraged to speak up and engage, in order to deliver the best results for the organization. You will drive the continuous development of managerial instruments to support effective decision making.

Personal Skills
You are a quick and strategic thinker. You are agile and goal-oriented in a dynamic organization. You are team player and easy to talk with. You are capable of viewing and challenging the organization as a whole in order to achieve the best outcome for the business and drive the change.

To succeed in this role, you should have the following proven capabilities, and with leadership skills as a plus:
Strategy & Business understanding, (internal) customer understanding
Can explain corporate strategy and business impact, including business financials.Knows industry trends. Actively discusses and debates important events and trends and impact on communications, business and brand. Independently translates to own work. Critically and logically evaluates costs, risks, benefits and alternatives before making decisions. Helps others deal effectively with key external factors (e.g., regulatory, legal) that impact growth. Influences senior leadership on issues with in-depth understanding of the business. Anticipates important global trends that may impact business plans or communications.

Writing & Presentation skills
Strong storytelling and editing skills in Chinese and in English. Comfort with different writing styles, including internal news, scripts, presentation support…etc. Artfully conveys subtle, technical, or complex messages in writing.Sub-edits and handles complex and sensitive subjects. Highly effective writing style, impact messaging. Presents well on stage (100+ people). Perfect in handling complex and sensitive subjects. Master at developing messages and content that stimulate action.

Strong cultural and geopolitical sensitivity
Ensures that the multi-cultural audience is involved in the plan. Initiates plans that reflect our values and secures stakeholders involvement. Be able to assess potential geopolitical impacts and manage risks.

Consultation capabilities
Drills down to essence. Comms coaching and advising leaders. Demonstrates empathy and diplomacy in difficult situations.Finds mutually agreeable ways to resolve issues. Valued comms coach and advisor for leaders.Expert at adapting communication style to preference of audience. Comms and non-comms coaching and influencing of senior management. Adapts interpersonal style to address global cultural differences.

Critical thinking & analytical skills, deal with complexity, information processing
Learns from past experience, articulates visions of possibilities and likelihoods. Assesses multiple variabilities and interdependencies. Identifies key problem drivers.Anticipates opportunities and challenges, coaches others and proactively advises management

Stakeholder management at right level, cross-sectoral collaboration, relationship building
Manages multiple stakeholders. Identifies cross-sectoral opportunities & makes it happen. Can independently find a way out of ambiguous situations

Proven organizational capabilities and goal orientation – Assertiveness, tenacity, prioritization and focus on end-result
Assertive and pushes others to achieve results and leads them to persist despite setbacks or obstacles. Drives a track record of success for the team, and provides the necessary agile approach and environment to meet objectives. Gets results that have a clear, positive, and direct impact on business performance. Identify opportunities and agility to see alternative strategies to accomplish goals.

Education: Master degree in Business, Communications, Journalism or Marketing

1. At least 10 years’ proven experience in Corporate Communications in multinational company or start-ups, preferably in high-tech industry.
2. International or cross-regional/cultural work experience is a must.
3. Familiar with China’s dynamics and be able to establish media networks.
4. Experience in working with country/top management team members. Demonstrate strong stakeholder management and influencing skills.
5. Experience in leading an integrated marketing team is a plus.

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