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Development and Integration Engineer - Plasma Control

Research & development


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Veldhoven, Netherlands


Research & development


0-2 years



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Are you a bridge builder with a strong drive for technical excellence? Do you like solving problems, getting to the root cause and also possess the skills to provide an in depth explanation to someone across the ocean? Then a job as Engineer in the Satellite Team for San Diego might be just what you are looking for.

Job Mission

Being a global company, ASML has development and production sites on different parts of the globe. As Satellite Engineer, it is your job to bridge the gap in distance and time zones between the EUV Source development site in San Diego and the ASML headquarters and EUV factory in Veldhoven. It will be you job to provide the project you support with eyes, ears, hands and a voice in Veldhoven.

Job Description

To be successful, you will need to be the expert in Veldhoven of the function you support with a broadscope in plasma generation, positioning and controls. You will be the last line of defense in case of issuesin the Veldhoven factory and it is your job to implement the containment. At the same time you will beexpected to make sure the design team in San Diego understands the root cause and has all theinformation required to develop the structural solution. Your main responsibilities will be to:

  • Represent the San Diego based design team in Veldhoven
  • Manage technical problems from factory and field during office hours in Veldhoven
  • Proactively provide feedback of improvement opportunities towards the design team
  • Support and execute integration of roadmap items
  • Manage factory introduction of new products and functionality
  • Train local support teams
  • Support and execute structural development and functional design


Master’s degree in a technical field. Mechatronics or physics is preferred.


  • Experience working in a complex environment communicating cross sectoral
  • Experience working with complex systems
  • Basic MATLAB skills (advanced MATLAB skills preferred)
  • Basic Simulink skills preferred

Personal skills

  • Pragmatic problem solver with a good sense of the long term effects
  • Strong communication skills with the ability to explain technically complex topics with minimal means
  • Fluent in English
  • Robust personality that is not afraid of a heated discussion or to have your ideas challenged

Context of the position

The group CT DE E Satellite Veldhoven is part of the D&E organization in San Diego, Cymer Technologies, but operating in the ASML headquarters in Veldhoven. For practical purposes (such as department events) we are part of the EUV System Integration department as our hosting department.
Plasma Generation and Controls is where several functions come together to generate EUV light for use in the NXE or EXE scanner. This makes it a likely function for performance problems to become visible and requires abstract thinking and analytical skills to determine the root cause and define possible solutions.
You will be part of an experienced team of 8 engineers, lead by a Project Lead and Architect. This team is part of the group CT DE E Satellite Veldhoven together with 2 similar teams for Droplet Generation and Tin Mitigation.
You will work in day-shift with the occasional alignment calls with San Diego late in the afternoon or early evening due to the 9 hour time difference. To strengthen the connection to your colleagues in San Diego, you will be expected to travel to San Diego at least 1x per year. You will be expected to carry weekend support phone every 6 to 7 weeks .

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