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Customer Support Engineer

Customer support

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Singapore, Singapore


Customer support


8+ years



Job Category

Other technical job categories


Analyze and make repairs at customer site, if needed by effectively escalating to the next higher level, based on broad knowledge of most systems, using system documentation, to solve problems. Execute regular maintenance, implement upgrades and Field Change Orders, and provide elementary training to the customer and ensure proper operation of ASML machines at customer site.

Job Description

1. Problem analysis and approach
Gather all information relevant for the problem, analyze using available means, gather additional diagnostic info if needed, decide on initial approach to solve problem, assess new information and adapt approach if necessary
2. Problem handovers and routing
Handover problem or problem aspects to others (2nd / 3rd line support), document and package all data relevant for problem resolution (e.g. pass-downs, work orders, field service reports, system problem reports, technical reports), ensure problem ownership is clear, ensure follow-up
3. Repairs
Advise customer technical personnel in dealing with problems, together with customer technical staff and using manuals and guidance from 2nd and 3rd line support, use tools, replace parts, improve settings, to execute repairs
4. Procedures
Arrange with customer machine time window to execute procedure, plan procedure, arrange for all (possible) parts, tools, equipment and information / knowledge to be available at start of procedure, execute procedure, make necessary decisions / adaptations during procedure to realize optimal results
5. Training / advice
Explain appropriate actions to users to correct malfunctions, train customers in use and routine maintenance of equipment, recommend changes in user procedures when needed
6. Installation
Install equipment at customers locations, including equipment with new features, unload components, inspect for damage, assemble, align and test


Degree or Diploma in Electronics / Electrical Engineering/Mechatronics / Mechanical engineering


At least 2 years' working experience for Diploma holders (semiconductor industry preferred)

Personal skills

-Strong troubleshooting and analytical skills
-Good communication and interpersonal skills to work in a team and interact with customers