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ASML is relentlessly driving the semiconductor industry’s ongoing quest for producing faster, smarter and more energy efficient chips. We are a young, dynamic, international and highly skilled workforce creating, with strong support of our suppliers, the lithographic tools the industry needs to achieve its goals.
Are you looking for a challenge to develop models and optimization techniques for high-performance complex optical modules? Then you will enjoy this position in the EUV optical column projection team. You will be part of the EUV projection group responsible to transfer and de-magnify the reticle image onto the wafer in the EUV scanners by means of advanced optical manipulations and corrections.

Job Mission

As optimization design engineer in the EUV High NA Projection group you will be responsible for the integrated design studies with special focus on the optimization of the projection optics in the EUV scanners. The challenge is to find a translation of the customer imaging requirements and optical lens characteristics into a transparent optimization model that finds optimal adjustments for the mirrors and stages to minimize aberrations and has high performance quality, speed and numerical stability. You will work in a fast paced and multi-disciplinary environment as part of a project team.
Your responsibility is to take ownership of a project deliverable and drive that towards completion. This includes specification, modeling, algorithm development, documentation, qualification & integration. Also, you need to collaborate with different competences and sectors (systems engineering, marketing and customer support) within ASML. Using your technical knowledge, analytical thinking and people skills you will work closely together with the project team and interfacing projects and sectors.

Job Description

You are part of a team of engineers who work together on mirror models and optimization algorithms in the projection modules. The job consists of:
• Developing optimization algorithms (lens models) which suppress aberrations of the ASML projection optics under different circumstances.
• Develops the best solutions for our customers for best imaging which is crucial for customer yield.
• Optimizing calculation speed and numerical stability of the algorithms for different merit functions, functional inputs and system constraints.
• Developing calibration strategies, correction mechanisms for mirror drift and deformation effects.
• Combining algorithm design with requirement engineering and integration support.
• Close collaborating with other projects including scanner metrology, stages, imaging, integration and with suppliers.
• Support the upcoming integration and qualification of the high NA EUV platform.


MSc or PhD in mathematics or Physics with knowledge on numerical techniques or optimization techniques, preferably with knowledge of optical systems.


Experience with working in teams in a multi-disciplinary environment is needed. Work experience in an industrial environment is preferred. Demonstrated affinity to perform both concept studies and creating comprehensive system overviews. Knowledge of optics and/or lithography is a pre.

Personal skills

• Strong analytical skills and drive for quality.
• Strong knowledge on modeling and optimization techniques.
• Good practice of Matlab / programming.
• Affinity with working a multidisciplinary environment related to complex systems.
• Affinity with optical and software disciplines.
• Ability to think on a functional level and in design details.
• Ability to switch between complex matters and high-level conclusions, ability to convey these in an understandable fashion.
• Good communicational skills.
• Team player with ability to build network towards other parts of the ASML organization.
• Self-propelling, showing initiative and drive, pragmatic attitude.
• Flexible, result driven and committed.

Context of the position

Within ASML, the Sector Development and Engineering (D&E) is responsible for the planning, development, and delivery of integrated solutions that meet business requirements. This responsibility also includes the specification of trade-offs across sectors.
The department DE EUV Optical Column is responsible for delivery of the projection, illumination, dose control, and EUV light collection functions for the EUV machines. The department develops technical solutions, means and methods and competences to ensure these deliveries in all the different product phases.
The holder of this position is reporting to the High NA Projection Group Leader.

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