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Mechanical Engineering Internship: Prediction of bolt setting

Mechanical engineering


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Veldhoven, Netherlands


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Mechanical engineering, Mathematics


Are you a master student with background in Mechanics? Do you have affinity with design for experiment, measurement system and data analysis? Then this internship could be interesting to you!

Background Information

Within ASML stability of bolt connections are very important and often no slip is acceptable. Therefore prediction of the pretention, over 7 years, is very important. To improve the predictability a better understanding of setting is needed. After tightening, bolted connections are subject to bolt pre-tension force loss, also known as setting. ASML predicts setting using industry standard models. These models are conservative and give an over-estimation of the setting. This conservatism limits the bolted connection design in the balance between volume, mass and connection loads.

Your Assignment

The goal of this internship is to provide a detailed setting model based on ASML proposed models or any other analytical model. Analytical approach proposed by ASML brings differential equation with several unknown parameters. Analytical or numerical solution for such equations is needed. Unknown parameters can be found out of matching solution to experimental data. Experiment, measurement system and data analysis should be developed. Final analytical model needs verification with measurements and data analysis for parameters in model: material combinations of bolt and clamped material, bolt length, temperature and any other parameters taken into the model.

Your Profile

  • You are a master student with background in Mechanics.
  • You have the ability to solve analytical and numerical equations.
  • You have affinity with design for experiment, measurement system and data analysis.
  • You are available for minimum 6 months (preference 1 year) and for 4-5 days per week.
  • You are available to start as soon as possible

Please note that we can only consider students who are enrolled at a school for the entire duration of the internship.

Other information

What ASML offers
Your internship will be in one of the leading Dutch corporations, gaining valuable experience in a highly dynamic environment. You will receive a monthly internship allowance based on your educational level and number of days per week, plus a possible housing or travel allowance. More information on the allowances can be found on our website. In addition you will get expert, practical guidance and the chance to work in and experience a dynamic, innovative team environment.

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