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EF-FLS Operational Coordinator (normal office hours)


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In a nutshell


Veldhoven, Netherlands




3-7 years



Job Category

Other technical job categories




Are you a team player that likes to take a leading role in coordinating technical issues in a manufacturing environment?

Job Mission

Coordinate progress of solving technical disturbances in the factory
Minimize downtime on our systems and ensure 100% quality to our customers.

Job Description

You will be an operational coordinator of a large (~100 FTE) engineering team which job is to troubleshoot technical problems on ASML NXE/EXE systems in EF (EUV Factory)
- There is a process in place for trouble shooting: disturbance resolution process. Core job of the OC is to monitor and correct this process. i.e.: who is owner, does he pick up the issue as planned, what is the progress, do we have a solution in time, do we have a plan B, set priorities, is the available capacity sufficient, act on DN Monitor (real time issue list)
- Represent FLS in the EF progress meeting (EF higher management). Prepare, share information, take corrective actions. Join the 12:00 escalation meeting.
- Close contact with production lead/management and coordinators: info sharing, feedback, urgency, especially for system hard-down or system critical to customer delivery date
- Participate in continuous improvement initiatives. Operational work takes ¾ of the day where ¼ is available for projects.
- The job has a lot of exposure to (EF) higher management in both factory progress and projects. You will work in close contact with management and you are part of the FLS staff (group-leads). It is an ideal step stone to a leader or manager position.
- Assist in Escalation management


BSc / MSc / PhD technical degree


Experience is preferable, no must, skills are more important:
- Trouble shooting and disturbance management
- Affinity with production / factory and engineering
- Project management skills

Personal skills

- Perfect social and communication skills
- High sense of responsibility and devotion; cope with stress, emotion control
- Good organizational skills and presentation skills
- Adequate English communication skills in speech and writing. Understanding Dutch language is preferred.
- Team player and flexible
- Structured and transparent way of working
- Broad technical and business knowledge
- Decision maker, set priorities, delegate tasks
- Very active, plenty of initiative

Context of the position

In production we have EF-SystemOwners which coordinate the progress of a system build in the factory and during system install at the customer. In case of disturbances the support engineer organization steps in and the coordinator of the disturbance progress is the operational coordinator. So you will work closely together with the system owners and EF group-leads. The NXE factory is /responsible for both production and installation of NXE systems.
-You report to the manager of EF support (EF-FLS). You are part of the FLS staff and joins staff meetings.
-Job grade 7-8, normal day shift.
-Generic for support: call-out support during public holidays. Willing to travel to customer site if local coordination is required (very low frequent).
-A normal working day for an OC preferably starts early around 7:00, end time is flexible.
-ABW-desk (activity based working),mobile phone, laptop.

Other information

Interested? Apply with your CV and motivation.