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EUV Workstream Project Leader


Physics / Mathematics

Electrical engineering

In a nutshell


Hwasung-Si, Korea


8+ years



Job Category

Mechatronics, Physics / Mathematics, Electrical engineering

Job Mission

  • Support Customer:

NXE is a new product for EUV High Volume Manufacturing and customer is looking for help from ASML on how to set up a concreate structure around EUV. fast settlement is main goal on EUV HVM system and considering points are input in their infrastructure, adaption of availability roadmap to NXE3400, productivity improvement and parts&tools management.

  • Interface with NXE:3400 program:

Secure quality and on time feedback from NXE:3400 program

Job Description

  • Expectation and simulation of customer's productivity (WPD)
  • FMEA (failure mode effect analysis) to prevent performance issue (Imaging, Overlay, Productivity)
  • PM optimization, Part navigation (DOA, Part usage), Consumable parts list up / fill rate
  • Build up infrastructure for HVM.
  • Internal cooperation and interconnection among local departments
  • Organize a project by customer's request and assign local action owner and VHV owner.
  • Be bridge between customer-local team-and D&E/Marketing to take actions and give feedback to customer.
  • All actions tracking and progress update and feedback to customer
  • Discussion/Decision/Delivery for customer's request regarding HVM preparation.
  • Support overall system upgrade/FCO roadmap.
  • Help securing quality feedback from NXE program on items like structural issues and planning/monitoring
  • Provide technical background and WOW to make customer construct their own process of SOP.


BS and MS degree in science field (Electrical Technology, Mechatronics, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, and Computer Science, etc.)

Personal skills

  • Soft skills: coaching/mentoring skills (both on technical and interfacing), customer interfacing skills
  • Competence : general Lithography knowledge