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Veldhoven, Netherlands




3-7 years


High school

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Mechanical engineering



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Within the EUV Factory, the department EF System Integration Service Center is responsible for hardware swaps + recovery during EUV milestones in the EUV Factory in accordance with strict quality norms and a strict delivery schedule.

Job Mission

Swapping and adjust parts and modules on EUV systems (Source, Scanner and Drive laser) in order to limit disruption during critical EUV milestones.

Job Description

- Proactively utilize planned and unplanned training opportunities
- Perform administrative and coordination duties incl. reporting and technical escalations.
- Work in accordance with the sequence and procedures.
- Contribute to the improvement loop of the EUV platform and processes
- Work inside the clean room, working with mechanical and electrical equipment.
- Work together with other ASML EUV teams.

- Execute hardware swaps on EUV Systems
- Execute general hardware activities on EUV Systems

- Perform source integration tests (calibrations and system qualification), resulting in stable system operation.
- Transfer a fully tested and qualified source to the (internal) customer.


Experienced MBO (+5yr) or HBO starter (Mechatronics/ Electronics/ Physics preferred).


3-7 years

Personal skills

- You have a high level of technical understanding and commitment to self-learning
- You develop knowledge and have an overview of the different modules
- You initiate improvements for optimizing standard process documents based on experience and expertise (via the lean WoW)
- You perform test and build activities with complex technical impact independently
- You are capable of transferring technical knowledge of new and existing products to other teams

- You resolve a large part of issues without assistance, utilizing your own system knowledge and engineering techniques including contacting support engineering when required
- You work highly independent and maintain team cohesion at the same time

- You work safe at all times and encourage others to do so as well
- You think in terms of ‘what’s best for the company’ and show your commitment to the team/department’s values and best-practices
- You are an open minded team player who uses his/her own initiative
- You drive to achieve high quality of work
- As a lead engineer, you coordinate test and integration activities for the complete system on the work floor

Team play:
- You are a good communicator and focus your skills on reporting, understanding, influencing and supporting
- You are proficient with the English language (speaking/reading/writing)
- You are aware of and act on various cultural differences
When needed, you explain process issues as well as equipment issues to (junior) colleagues within or outside the team
- You coach new team members, mentoring them from a technical and procedural perspective
- You value team cohesion and make sure your colleagues are well integrated in the team

Flexibility and Professional attitude:
- You know how to handle stressful and hectic (maybe even chaotic) situations on the work floor and are able to deliver structured, good quality results, despite such diversions
- You achieve structured and high quality results where operating (pre) conditions are not optimal
- You are an analytical thinker with a positive, ‘go get’ attitude who adapts to change quickly and positively
- You communicate clearly (i.e. in an elaborate and effective way) about issues towards escalation lines and chase action holders according defined processes
- You work according planning, and timely report to your TL on progress
- In case of issues, you are able to give recommendations on possible solutions
- You work in flexible shift rotations in Veldhoven
- You are committed to remain within the System Integration Service Center for at least 3 years

Context of the position

The holder of this position reports to the Team leader EUV Service Center

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