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Imaging Tooling Software Developer

Research & development


Computer science & software engineering

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Veldhoven, Netherlands


Research & development


3-7 years



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Physics, Computer science & software engineering




Are you challenged by demanding projects in a multidisciplinary context? Do you have the capabilities and the drive to provide effective software solutions to complex technical problems under challenging time constraints? Are you able to create and maintain software tools that manage the gap between imaging performance of our scanners and what is needed for our customers?

Please contact us today. We currently have an exciting opportunity for an Imaging Software Developer in ASML’s Performance & Integration department.

Job Mission

As an Imaging Tooling Software Developer you will be a key player in making the performance of our scanners meet our customer’s demands. You will be responsible for tools which predict and analye the imaging performance of our scanners, both in the ASML Twinscan Factory and at customer fabs.

Job Description

Our customers make computer chips. To do so successfully our scanners need to match the image our customers intend to reproduce on their wafers as closely as possible. The closer the image created by the scanner resembles the intended image, the better the scanner imaging performance.

In order to qualify the imaging performance ASML and its customers use imaging tests (a reticle, exposure conditions and a wafer-data analysis procedure). These tests are executed as part of the development process of new scanners, during scanner production and by customers as part of scanner performance monitoring.

Analysis of scanner module- and wafer-data is an important driver for understanding and improving overall scanner imaging performance. The Imaging Performance groups have developed dedicated software tools for this purpose which serve different user-groups within ASML. For internal D&E use flexibility and data-exploration aspects are key, Twinscan Factory users require standardized, push-button fail-safe operation whereas Customer Support users need to deal with customer-data from various sources.

You will be responsible for the further development and maintenance of our imaging data-analysis tools. You will be interfacing on a daily basis with users inside and outside the imaging performance groups to collect new requirements and participate in projects/studies that have a need for new functionality. Next to software development you will also be responsible for the distribution, documentation, training material and correct deployment on the different ASML IT platforms.
As a tooling developer you will have a lot of freedom to implement this in the way you see fit.

We strongly believe that tool usability is best realized by combining the end-user and software developer roles. Therefore you will also participate in scanner integration or study projects in order to gain a deeper understanding of imaging data-analysis and the needs of tool users.

You will be part of a group of people with imaging competencies, working together to lift their know-how to new levels year-after-year, making sure to be prepared for challenges ahead. You will contribute to roadmaps and competence management plans.

Working at ASML as an Imaging Engineer is about being part of a dynamic, fast-paced community, facing unprecedented challenges at the forefront of technology together. You will find an open environment, offering myriad possibilities to take charge of your career, to be inspired, to have fun.


Solid technical background (Bsc/MSc/PhD in computing, image processing, physics, optics, nano technology or related).


Experience (> 2 years) in software product development, preferably for technical applications.


  • Experiene with Python and the Scientific Python stack is considered a must
  • Can apply software development practices such as regression testing, test-coverage analysis, software profiling and releasing on different platforms
  • Experience with version control systems such as SVN/Git
  • Experience with scripting on Windows and Linux
  • Experience with GUI creation is considered a pre

Personal skills

  • Robust personality is a must
  • Strong pragmatic attitude with an analytical view.
  • Self-propelling with a lot of initiative and drive. Able to initiate, influence, stir.
  • Out-of-the-box thinker.
  • Team player, responsible and reliable.
  • Able to distinguish main matters from side issues. Able to develop a vision.
  • Excellent communicator. Knows how to translate complex requests into workable solutions
  • Flexible and committed.

Context of the position

The Performance & Integration department is part of the Development and Engineering sector of ASML.
We predict and optimize how our scanners will perform in their natural habitat: our customer’s wafer fab. We perform this task for EUV as well as Immersion scanners.

Other information

Software development, Python, data-analysis, optics, lithography, modelling, imaging, mathematics, physics, semiconductor industry, lithography.