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Group Leader EF-FLS


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Veldhoven, Netherlands




8+ years



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The EUV chip making system is one of the most advanced and most complex machines in the world today. These systems will impact our lives in the future. Are you looking for a challenge and opportunity to deploy your managerial and coaching skills? Do you thrive in hectic and project driven environments and have you got no fear of stress? Do you want to become a leader of a group of experts in technical problem solving that play a key role in manufacturing these miracles? Then becoming a Group Lead of First Line Support (FLS) within the EUV Factory (EF) will be a perfect opportunity for you.

Job Mission

Within this job you ensure the department is a problem solving team, in the lead to drive technical solutions within pilot & volume production. Minimize downtime on our EUV machines and ensure 100% quality to our customers.

Job Description

You will lead of group of 15-20 engineers (typically BSc/MSc) in Veldhoven in troubleshooting technical problems on our EUV systems in Veldhoven Factory and during installation at Customer Locations worldwide. But not just a 1st line: our target solving power is 95%. Calibrating and testing these systems typically is done by highly educated test engineers who solve the regular issues. FLS supports them in case of complex issues.

  • Take care of the people in the group: safety, vitality, workload and personal development.
  • Get the best performance out of this group: inspire, coach, help where needed, feedback and appreciation.
  • Manage the group: proper staffing, training plan, efficiency, flexibility of the group, set priorities.
  • Act as member of extended staff of Engineering and interact with Factory and Install managers.
  • Support EF in reaching the targets and especially the delivery performance.
  • Coach, and if needed assist your operational coordinator in escalation management or operational tasks.
  • The job has a lot of exposure to (EF) higher management in both factory progress and improvement projects.
  • Initiate, drive and own continuous improvement initiatives.


Bachelor’s or master's degree in technical studies


  • At least 8 years of experience in a production environment preferably with high tech products and complex production processes.
  • Broad technical and business knowledge.
  • Trouble shooting and disturbance management experience.
  • Experience in leading and coaching people.
  • Project management experience is preferred.

Personal skills

  • Coach, people manager,role model, business leader.
  • Inspire and motivate people.
  • Drive and implement changes.
  • Perfect social, presentationand communication skills.
  • Good communication skills with a customer focus for understanding, influencing and supporting them.
  • Good English language skills. Understanding Dutch language is valued.
  • High sense of responsibility and devotion. Seniority, cope with stress, emotion control.
  • Getting things done, service minded, help your internal customer.
  • Broad technical and business knowledge.
  • Analytical mindset.
  • Very active, plenty of initiative, team player and flexible.
  • Awareness of various cultures and their differences

Context of the position

The EUV Factory is responsible for both production and installation of NXE and EXE systems.
Most technical issues (80%) are solved by the work-centers (self-reliance). 20% is too difficult to solve by generalists and is escalated to specialists: the FLS support engineers. FLS has 10 competences and a solving power of ~95%. FLS consists of engineering groups with a Group Lead each. These Group Leads report to the manager of FLS (~130 FTE). The 3 departments: Production Engineering, NPI-Trouble Shoot and FLS report to the director of EF-Engineering (~400 FTE) who reports to the VP of EUV Factory.

Other information

  • You are part of the FLS staff, the Engineering extended staff and join staff meetings.
  • You work in 4-shift schedule together with your group of engineers, a mild shift schedule containing 10 dayshifts, 5 evening, 1weekend in 4 weeks (no night). This means working 4.25 days a week and an additional compensation: shift allowance 18.1%.
  • In your group (working in shifts) there is an operational coordinator who takes care of all operational tasks and escalation management. In day shift there are operational coordinators for the daily progress meetings. This to make sure your agenda allows you to take a staff role and have sufficient time to coach the people in your group to optimize performance.
  • Willing to travel to customer site if local coordination is required (very low frequency).
  • ABW-desk (activity based working), mobile phone, laptop.
  • Due to COVID-19 situation we have hybrid work arrangements.