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Mechanical system layout engineer

Research & development

Mechanical engineering

In a nutshell


Veldhoven, Netherlands


Research & development


3-7 years



Job Category

Mechanical engineering




If you enjoy having a broad full system scope, and if you have a strong drive in improving the manufacturability and serviceability of a system by smart layout solutions and being critical towards designs by projects, then this function might fit you perfectly.

Job Mission

Validate and define the mechanical system layout of the machine. Secure that our machines can be manufactured and serviced in an efficient and robust way.
Do feasibility and concepts studies on new hardware that will be added to the machine.

Job Description

- Performs system layout studies and manage budgets for volume, mass, tolerances, seismic, and installation in order to find solutions for functionality and module changes
- Validate concept changes, prescribe and validate tests like layout (accessibility), mass, tolerances
- Secure that facility infrastructure requirements will be delivered to customers in time with the right quality
- Cooperate with the factory, identify and drive improvements on integration (manufacturability & serviceability, ergonomics, safety)
- Support factory & field in case of issues related to the layout of the mechanical system


Bachelor degree in a Mechanical Engineering


- Experience in validating layout machines or complex products (like cars, aerospace)
- At least 3 years working experience
- Experience with Siemens NX (preferred)
- Experience with tolerance calculations
- At least 2 years ASML experience (preferred)

Personal skills

- Strong communicator. Easily cooperates with other projects and disciplines
- Critical on design solutions (of others). High drive for quality
- Pro-active attitude in getting the information (regular go to clean room, talk to people in projects)
- Helicopter view. Easily can determine priorities and main risks
- Good analytical skills. Works structured.

Context of the position

You will be part of the Mechanical Layout (ML) project, which is amongst others responsible for the mechanical system architecture. The team doesn’t deliver hardware themselves, but has an overall responsibility during the whole V-cycle, that the total system can be build, transported, installed and serviced in a safe and efficient way.

Other information

For more detailed information see the FC020 training material:D000334176