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ASML Manufacturing - Test Engineer


Mechanical engineering

Electrical engineering


In a nutshell


Veldhoven, Netherlands




3-7 years


High school

Job Category

Mechanical engineering, Electrical engineering, Mechatronics




The amount of applications we received for this position is sufficient to fill our vacancies in the short term. However, you can still submit your job application – as we expect to have new job openings again in the future.

What can you expect when you submit your application?

  • Your application will be reviewed by an ASML recruiter, and a first assessment on your suitability for the job will be made based on your resume and motivation letter.
  • If this assessment is positive, your application will be saved in our database of qualified candidates. When there is a new job opening that matches your skill set, we will contact you.
  • If you were not selected to proceed to the next round, we’ll inform you via email. We do however encourage you to search for a job at ASML that matches your skill set and apply again. Search the latest jobs on https://www.asml.com/en/careers/find-your-job

Find out more about working at ASML on https://www.asml.com/en/careers/working-at-asml
As a Test Engineer in ASML Manufacturing, you will work at the heart of complex innovative technology. In our cleanrooms in Veldhoven we assemble, build and deliver complex lithography systems, from prototype to final product. You’ll work in a high-tech environment where standards are high and targets aren’t just aspirational – they’re necessary. This dynamic environment requires skilled manufacturing technicians.

Job Description

As a Test Engineer, you are responsible for adjusting and testing ASML products. When problems occur, you solve them while you respect the quality and the planning. You think about how we can improve our products and production processes and share your suggestions with the team. You also lay down product, process and measuring data in protocols and databases. When new products are introduced into the production process, you identify and report expected bottlenecks and solve technical problems, often with help from your multi-disciplinary team.


This is an entry level job if you have a bachelor’s degree. If you have a secondary vocational degree (equal to Dutch educational level MBO-4 / middle management training, qualification level 4), we would like you to bring along a few years of relevant working experience.Your background needs to be in one of the areas below:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechatronics
  • Aerospace
  • Electronics
  • Automotive Engineering


  • Hands-on experience in a high-tech production or customer service environment.
  • Proven affinity with testing / assembling and troubleshooting.
  • Affinity in working with software solutions. We use several software tools for testing, monitoring processes, log progress, make a planning etc.

Personal skills

  • Able to work in multi-disciplinary teams within a high-tech environment.
  • Able to deal with, or even enjoy, high degree of uncertainty and pressure.
  • Pro-active, flexible team player.
  • Good level of English and Dutch required.

Other information

Working in shifts

These positions require working in the 2-shifts system. You will receive a shift allowance, an additional pay for working in shifts.

You’ll work in the morning or the evening shift. Once every 4 weeks you work a weekend in the day shift (in nominal). However, it is possible that we sometimes need to ask you to work more for a short period.

More information
For more information on ASML, visit our:

Website: http://www.asml.com
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/asmlcompany
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/asml/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/asmlcompany/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/asml

Application process
If you apply to this position - please include a recent and complete CV, and a letter of motivation.

Your application will be assessed by a recruiter first. If there is a match with one of the open positions, the responsible manager will review yourapplication. We will contact you with further details if the hiring manager wants to invite you for a first interview.

In order to limit the spread of the coronavirus, we will conduct most interviews via Microsoft Teams. You may experience some delays in the application and recruitment process, so we thank you for your understanding.