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Field Application Engineer - Icheon

Customer support

Computer science & software engineering

In a nutshell


Icheon, Korea


Customer support


3-7 years



Job Category

Computer science & software engineering

Introduction to the job

ASMLBrion provides solutions of computational lithography, which are classifiedas two categories : PWE(Process Window Enhancement) and PWC(Process WindowControl).
PWEproducts handles all kinds of computational solutions to “ensure photoprocess window with reasonable turn-around time prior to making photomask”,which contains SMO(Source-mask optimization, FEM+(Focus-Exposure Matrix forreliable Modeling set-up), MXP(Model for Extreme Performance), OPC+(OpticalProximity Correction), LMC+ (Lithography Manufacturability Check) andPRO(Pattern Recognition Optimization).
PWC products handles computational solutions for hardware control in the stage of HVM(High-Volume manufacturing), which contains cASCAL(Computational Application Specific CALibration), SPMA(Scanner Proximity Matching Analysis), ITE(Image Tuner for EUV system) and MFI(Multi-Focal Image).

Role and responsibilities

- Withrobust solutions(building recipe, parameter optimization), make customer useBrion’s products without any problems.
- Byintroducing new features of products to customer, drive customer to adoptBrion products as a baseline solution.
- Byin-depth investigation for product features, finding bugs and propose newfeatures to enhance product performance.
- By technical communication with customer and Brion US headquarter, find the best solution to support customer.

Education and experience

- Master/Ph.D inComputer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Material science, Electronic engineering
- For Entry : Graduated or will be graduated with Master degree or Ph.D
- For experienced : More than 3 year experience in OPC and photolithography or programming area


- Goodcommunication and customer interface skills
- Goodtechnical skills, analytical skills, problem solving, and hands-on skills.
- Multi-taskerwith the ability to work in different and difficult working environment.
- Gooddocumentation skills.
- Goodcommunication skills, verbal and written, both in English
- Preferredto have OPic score higher than IM3
- Flexibleattitude for international and domestic travel
- Motivated,pro-active, self-driven and flexible
- Middlelevel knowledge of Linux/Unix OS
- Preferredto have high-level programming skill for python and lualanguage.

Other information

Working Area : Icheon

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