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Operational Program Manager Access & Mobility

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Veldhoven, Netherlands


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Introduction to the job

The growth of ASML goes hand in hand with an increase of commuter traffic to and from our main Campus in Veldhoven. Resulting in a fact that getting to work these days is not easy.
Every day, all of us at ‘De Run Campus’ in Veldhoven -as well as local citizens and employees of neighboring organizations- experience traffic and parking issues for which there are no easy or quick answers.
Depending on where we live, public transportation may not be the most convenient option. If there is no access or easy access to public transport and if we do not live close enough to bicycle to work, then the car is often the best option. But when we eventually get to our final destination, another challenge often occurs – travelling the last few kilometers with everyone else and finding somewhere to park our cars.
Because of our growth, we are facing new challenges. It is only together: ASML, local and national government, local partners and us as individuals- we can safeguard ASML’s presence in Veldhoven. Next to Veldhoven we will also in future need to tackle our Access & Mobility challenges in our other locations around the globe.
The Access & Mobility (A&M) program was established to make our commute smarter and more predictable. The program, which works with local, regional and national government entities and other partners in the area to make alternate modes of transportation (other than car) more convenient and attractive , has already begun to develop and roll out additional and improved facilities as well as infrastructure solutions on and off campus: ASML Satellite Parking for example, and encouraging and incentivizing the use of bicycles and public transportation.
Change from a car-centric focus is necessary, and every contribution towards it counts.

Role and responsibilities

As part of the Corporate Real Estate (CRE) team, the Program Manager Access & Mobility is responsible for developing sustainable solutions with partners and the local governments in order to optimize all modes of transportation. By enticing employees to use alternative ways to commute, (s)he will create a daily predictable, safe and pleasant journey to work.
(S)He will therefore lead the execution of the Access & Mobility Program and manage all deliverables coming from the multi-disciplinary program team consisting of HR, IT , Communications, OSE, CRE, Procurement and others. Alignment on the A&M program is therefore needed within the internal ASML organization, as well as external parties such as our surrounding Municipalities and neighbors. The Program Manager therefore has the end-responsibility of the A&M Program output: its policy, performance and ensuring that we meet our goals.

Examples of deliverables of our Access & Mobility program:
- Improved Intercampus Shuttle Service, access to the designated bus-lanes
- Bike Facility Improvement, E-bike intercampus and ASML E-bike Private Lease plan
- Satellite Parking with Shuttle Service
- NS Contract pay-as-you-go (bus & train) offer to Fix Employees
- Bike lane improvements
- Agreement and Alignment with Governments, and other public transport providers
- Identify and develop the needed Tooling
- Enabling paid parking as reward systems to de Run campus
- Alignment ASML internally with HR, Finance, Change management, Procurement, Works Council
(S)He will report directly to the Sr. Manager Global Campus Development
Important stakeholders are :
- ASML CRE | Real Estate Development & Strategy (REDS)
- ASML CRE | Business Partnership
- ASML Corporate Communication
- ASML HR, Procurement, Finance
- ASML Work council
- Municipalities as Governmental departments
- External Consultants

Education and experience

- Master’s degree -or similar level obtained through work experience- in Change management, Traffic Safety, Mobility and Infrastructure or Built Environment.
- You have proven experience as Program manager, working with several partners handling cultural and political barriers, building relationships. By nature, you connect with people and will beour ambassador for Access & Mobility.


- You are passionate about sustainable transportation and bring your enthusiasm and energy to help initiate and lead this important change.
- You are experienced in working with Governmental departments and local municipalities. You have clear insights into their decision making process.
- You have proven strategical vision, analytical capabilities and you are able to independently generate conclusions and to advise ranging from senior management to operational technical professionals as external consultants.
- You have the ability to handle multiple request and work on a management level
- You are organized, and you can express yourself verbally, in writing as in presenting.
- Capable of analyzing national trends in developments and concrete projects for our A& Program
- Excellent written and verbal communication in Dutch

Diversity & Inclusion

ASML is an Equal Opportunity Employer that values and respects the importance of a diverse and inclusive workforce. It is the policy of the company to recruit, hire, train and promote persons in all job titles without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, veteran status, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity. We recognize that diversity and inclusion is a driving force in the success of our company.

Other information

Context of the position
- You will drive the A&M Program, as the A&M Progam manager to deliver the identified projects & ensure the change desired happens & sticks.
- You know how to manage a team, to stimulate and connect with others
- You will maintain and develop an internal and external professional network
- You will align with our internal organization, municipalities, governmental departments, our neighbors as consultants
- You know how to anticipate on a strategic level, finding, identifying and effectuate changes to improve our employees behavior

Your scope will be Veldhoven on the short term and further ASML locations around the globe at the medium-long term. As such the ability to travel up to 20% (post pandemic) is required.

Please make sure to apply with a dedicated cover letter and recent resume.