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ASML Technical Graduate Manufacturing Positions


Mechanical engineering

Electrical engineering


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Veldhoven, Netherlands




0-2 years



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Mechanical engineering, Electrical engineering, Physics




At almost every moment of every day, you’ll make use of technology that contains microchips. Ranging from smartphones and laptops to cars and airplanes. The emerging markets and technologies such as AI, robotic process automation and 5G connectivity fuel the growth of the semiconductor industry even further in the upcoming years. As worldwide industry leader in high-end lithography systems there is a huge demand for our machines. This is why we are looking for a lot of technical graduates (hands-on bachelor andmaster graduates) for several different challenging positions within our factories. You will get an ASML contract with all the ASML top labor conditions.

Job Mission

ASML leads the worldwide development, production and sales of high-end lithography systems for the semiconductor industry. In short, we make the machines that make computer chips, or integrated circuits. We build some of the most amazing, complex machines that you will ever see – and the software to run them – to develop smaller, faster and still more affordable chips. It is because of our machines that the world’s technology has steadily evolved.

It’s one thing to design these amazing products – it’s another to build and mass produce them. With over 30,000 employees we are a global company with 70 offices spanning 16 different countries. Working location for the positions in the factories will be at our headquarter in Veldhoven (Netherlands), close to Eindhoven. Here we have our main TWINSCAN (DUV = deep ultraviolet machine) and EUV (extreme ultraviolet) factories. Each position in the full process is crucial to deliver on time, with the right quality and the right costs to enable our machines to produce chips 24 hours a day, seven days a week in fabs around the world.

Job Description

We have multiple positions available. Most of the positions look similar, but focus on a different phase in the production process. We highlight 3 different positions to give you a good overview of the possibilities: Production Engineer, System Performance Engineer and First Line Technical support Engineer.

By applying you are going to be considered for multiple vacancies within the factories. You will be hired in a full time paid job in the best matching function. How do we decide which function suits you the best? We will take into account your skills and ambitions and we will decide which position matches your indicated preference best. Important to mention is that for most jobs we are looking for recent graduates up to 12 months of relevant working experience with different kind of backgrounds. Most of the technicians focus on specific parts in the system and projects that fit with their background (e.g. electrical, mechanical, physics related etc.). Some we get a more general/ broader role.

Focus group 1 - Production engineer: These are interesting positions for graduates who like to improve processes and maintaining work instructions to prevent problems.

As production engineer you analyze the production process, point out structural problems and bottlenecks, work out suggestions for improvements and initiate their implementation, often in close cooperation with other departments. Another part of the job is to support the factory in project based manufacturing which is needed to build/upgrade and/or refurbish our systems.

Focus group 2 - System Performance Engineer:These are interesting positions for graduates who like procedures, perform testing and value punctuality.

As a System Performance Engineer you will test our machines when they are fully assembled in the factory. You will accurately calibrate and qualify our systems according to agreed specifications, quality standards and delivery times by simply logging in to the machine via your laptop. You recognize and report (structural) problems and give support in solving these problems when required. Communication is key: identifying, informing and involving the relevant stakeholders is crucial to keep the process running. This is a shift job (more info under “other information”).

Focus group 3 - First Line Support Engineer: These are interesting positions for graduates who like to solve ad hoc problems within the lithography machines and document solutions to prevent same type of problems in the future.

In this job you will be in the lead as a problem owner to drive technical solutions during every phase in our production and installation process. It is your goal to minimize downtime on our tools and ensure 100% quality to our customers (internal in Veldhoven and external in e.g. Korea, Taiwan and US). You will be a 1st line engineer in troubleshooting technical problems on our machines. Our target solving power is 95%. After solving the issue you document to issue and solution to prevent the same problem in the future. This is a shift job (more info under “other information”).


  • You have preferably a bachelor (hbo or university) degree or a master degree with a hands-on mindset in a technical related study. Preferably (but not exclusively) in Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Automotive, Electronics, Physics, Mechatronics.
  • You completed your education preferably less than 12 months ago or you will graduate within three months from the selection day. You have a maximum of 12 months of relevant working experience.

Personal skills

Working and performing well in a high demanding and technology changing environment, surrounded by high tech machines and people with different specializations and cultural background, requires certain skills. The exact skills differ per position as stated in the explanation of the specific job.

To succeed in general it is important that you are:

  • A committed team player with respect for other cultures;
  • Focused on safety first with a ‘first time right’ mentality;
  • Passionate about hands-on (practical) engineering challenges;
  • Able to understand the details without losing track of the bigger picture (helicopter view);
  • Stress resistant and able to remain a structured way of working in a dynamic environment;
  • Excellent in stakeholder management;

Other information

We offer:

At ASML we recognize that, to attract and retain top talent, we need to offer industry-topping conditions. An overview about what we offer:

  • A contract of one year directly at ASML, with the possibility of an indefinite contract after the first year
  • A highly competitive compensation and benefits package:
    * Competitive salary
    * 40 days paid leave: 27 vacation days and 13 ADV days (when not working in shifts)
    * 13th month payment
    * 8% holiday allowance
    * Pension plan
    * Commuting allowance
  • A significant allowance for the shift job positions
  • Training sessions to develop yourself professionally
  • A safe environment to experiment with what you’ve learned

In addition, if you have to move to the Netherlands, we offer help with relocation. That includes temporary housing, moving services for furniture and other belongings, and a relocation budget for the various costs associated with the move.

Selection process
The selection process comprises a number of steps.

1. Application
Apply with your resume and motivation letter before Sunday February 2, 2022, at 23:59 CEST.
We will inform you if your resume has been selected for the next round of the selection process within one week from the application deadline.

2.Online video interview
The first round consists of an online pre-recorded interview. The candidates matching our selection criteria will be invited to answer to few pre-set questions via the tool HireVue.

3. Selection day
If you get through the first application round, you will be invited to our selection day. Because of COVID-19 restrictions, this event will be fully online. The selection day will be on Thursday February 24. During this selection day we will inform you about ASML and the various positions within the factories and you will have several interviews.

4. Final interview
Based on the results of the interviews during the selection day we decide if you will be invited for a final round of interview and for which specific positions that fits with your preferences and strengths.

5. Job offer
You will be informed within a few working days after the final interview if you will receive a job offer. The starting date is flexible, but preferably no later than 3 months after the selection day.

If you have any questions, send an email to [email protected]

Shift work
Part of the jobs within the factories are shift jobs, with us having different kinds of shifts. Most important question for you to consider is whether you would like to work in shifts. We take this into account in the selection process. The advantages of working in shifts is that on average you have to work less hours a week, but you get paid a full time job salary and get a significant extra allowance. You may need to adjust your sleep-wake cycle, but you get the opportunity to create your own work-life balance.

Some examples of shift hours: 2-shift consist of shift in the morning from 6.30 till 15.30h or during the day from 7.00 till 16.00h or evening from 15.00 till 00.00h. A 5-shift job consists of 2 early shifts (6.30 - 16.00h), 2 evening shifts (15.00 - 11.30h), 2 night shifts (11.00 – 7.30h) followed by 4 days off. On average you work 33.6 hours a week over a period of 10 weeks.

US Controlled Technology
This position requires access to controlled technology, as defined in the Export Administration Regulations (15 C.F.R § 730, et seq.). Qualified candidates must be legally authorized to access such controlled technology prior to beginning work. Business demands require ASML to proceed with candidates who are immediately eligible to access controlled technology.
ASML creates the conditions that enable you to realize your full potential. We provide state-of-the-art facilities, opportunities to develop your talents, international career opportunities, a stimulating and inspiring environment, and most of all, the commitment of a company that recognizes and rewards outstanding performance.