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Published: 30+ days ago Job ID: J-00231852-507


ASML is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of semiconductor-chip-making equipment. A majority of the world’s microchips receive their critical lithographic patterning in machines made by ASML. In addition ASML produces metrology tools and advanced applications to analyze and optimize the performance of the customer production process.

Job Mission

Participate in the development of our container platform. Design, build, implement and maintain this platform to improve and support the services for the ASML software development community

Job Description

Our inhouse container platform is enabling our software developers to grow into the next generation of automation, building and deployment of applications and services. We’re constantly improving towards using CI/CD, Infrastructure-as-Code and Kubernetes to improve the build quality and iteration speed of our machine software and business applications. We’re working at the intersection of Infrastructure and software development

As a DevOps engineer in our team you will be:

·Part of an Agile team, where you get to design, develop, deliver and automate our container platform and related services

·Interacting directly with end-users and co-developing teams to share your expert knowledge on containerization

·Empowered to make autonomous decisions with your team, and challenge your product owner, to maintain a healthy balance between state-of-the-art technology, security, performance, and stability

At this moment we are focused on on-prem deployments, but our cloud native development approach will help us with our plans to become a hybrid platform (On-prem, Azure & GCP)

Your responsibilities

·Design and implement the platform services with the team

·Automated tests accompany every delivery

·Make the platform reliable by improving system resilience (bug-fixing and beyond)

·Consultancy towards application developers to enable them to adopt and use the platform to its full potential

Education & Experience

Highly valued qualifications & experiences

·Cloud native development

·Experienced in CI/CD, including git, test automation, etc

·Solid experience with Terraform and Kubernetes configuration, not just development on top off

·Familiar with at least one high-level programming language such as Python, Golang, Ruby

·You have API development experience with the industry best practices in mind

·Good understanding of basic infrastructure, such as networking, DNS, DHCP, Directory Services, database and storage solutions

Personal skills

·You like to solve problems (permanently)

·You are open to Challenges

·You think outside the box

·You can look through the customer eyes

·You automate everything

·You have a positive attitude

We also value

·Collaboration with stake holders

·Curiosity, understand how the system is working

·Ability to dive deep into a specific topic

·Having fun

Context of the position

You will be working in the department IT Solution Delivery Software which is responsible for the development environments (software and hardware) used by ASML software developers in order to produce commercial software products. This environment consists of an integrated development, build, test and release environment and must be capable to support Continuous Integration throughout the lifecycle and configuration management of the ASML product software.

The environment is developed and maintained in close cooperation with the ASML software development community (more than 5000 developers within multiple departments).

Our team (7 DevOps engineers, Scrum master and Product Owner) operates in an Agile Release Train (ART) consisting of 15-17 teams delivering the platform services

Other information

Keywords: Linux, Rancher, Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, Jenkins, Scrum, Ansible, Puppet, Rundeck, API, Splunk, Azure, GCP

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