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CRE Field FM Japan Soft Service Specialist

In a nutshell


Tokyo, Japan

Purpose of the Job

The purpose of the Soft Service Specialist with the role of transition specialist is to develop, maintain and execute the service concept for all the buildings, services and work environments of ASML in the region. Also to develop and deploy a change approach for introducing, transition and implementing new work place concepts. Theis related to work places, employee services.All of this based on and executed within CRE’s strategic pillars (Safety, TCO, Flexibility, Business Alignment, Wellbeing and Sustainability).

Soft services specialists are responsible for managing the soft services in ASML Japan

Key Areas of Responsibility

1.Support the Regional Housing & Workplace Managerwith the development of the (long term) transition management strategy.

2.Participate in projects supporting the project manager by providing structure, planning, communications and the toolbox in order to execute the project as effective and efficient as possible.

3.Participate and or execute elements of the project upon request by project manager. Or play a key role as the project assurance officer validating the approach and/or applying elements of the toolbox yourselves.

4.Together with CRE Business partners (CRE Regional Facility Manager and the Delivery & Supply Soft Service Manager) collect the needs of the business and employees in order to determine the best-fit service delivery plans.

5.Translate the vision on services and workplaces to requirements for soft services management for ASML. Include relevantthemes like wellbeing and sustainability and translate these to service requirements, service delivery plans and supplier contracts for supplier.

6.Together with expert suppliers make a translation of the vision and needs of the business to polices, guidelines and process for soft services in alignment with the requirements. Together achieve the best-fit approach balancing the required performance and service levels yet considering aspects like risks/criticality and costs.

7.Manage and delegate work to specialist partners provide suppliers with correct requirements statement of work and briefing to execute.

8.Act as expertise counterpart for suppliers to align their overall service delivery models and support them with complex issues. Review/challenge and assess proposals for improvements or changes and how to embed processes.

9.Together with expert supplier, continuously optimize the service delivery plans, strategy and processes and develop, innovate and improve the service management approach.

10.Together with the CRE Regional Housing and Workplace Management Team continuously improve and develop the service concepts to ensure the best fit in relation to needs (of business) and performance. Proactively innovate and (re)develop services and processes where needed.

11.Together with the Delivery & Supply Soft Service Manager decide about/propose improvements in the way services are being delivered and determined how to make investments and build business cases for adjustments or improvements.

12.Together with competence engineers, generate the service management proposals for new build projects, renovations, relocation, leas/rent buildings. Participate in the BGP in order to include the service plan requirements at the right moment and manage the (impact of) CAPEX and OPEX costs investments.

13.Validate designs and participate in stage gate approvals. Ensure timely involvement and/or preparation of the supply chain to implement (new) services before final hand-over of the BGP process or projects.

14.Keep informed about developments in the market concerning soft services solutions and innovations and initiate optimizations.

15.Together with the contract & supplier manager, develop the best fit sourcing strategies and contract/partner relations that contribute to the vision and objectives for the soft services.

16.Manage the execution of the soft service delivery plans together with the involved supply chain. Act as the demand manager by setting the requirements (output) specifications and compliance criteria (KPIs) and the leading manager towards the supply chain (in close cooperation with the contract managers).

17.Review and supervise the performance suppliers and act upon findings and changing requirements.

18.Managing the supply chain from an integrate view. Ensure that suppliers work in cohesion and alignment with each other and act as one team towards the ASML employees.

19.Give guidance and/or act as lead manager regarding the required quality management systems in the field of soft services (I.e., HACCP, VSR/ER, etc.). Validate and audit performance of suppliers.

20.Establish the soft services processes of effective service delivery to assure that all services related to the workplace and employee services are delivered/provided in an effective manner, focusing on availability, accessibility and ease of use.

21.Responsible to manage the OPEX budget for the related scope. Building the operating budget and logic allocation of budget in the supply chain together with Contract & Supplier Managers

22.Together with supplier's design and maintain the operational processes, such as escalation, deviation and recovery process.

23.Act as overall advisor for various soft service aspects and act as the second line escalation manager

24.Act as first responder in case of continuity risks of failures to minimize impact. In those situations, act as SPOC to suppliers and decision-maker to ensure a quick and effective recovery process. Together with suppliers and internal ASML teams design and maintain the escalation, deviation and recovery process.

Organizational context

Products/services/technology and market dynamics:

For ASML it is paramount to be and remain the global leading company in lithography – based chip-making equipment inside an ecosystem of ever growing complexity.

To best enable ASML’s vision, the regional CRE organization, strives to maintain a consistent set of physical asset through its complete lifecycle to support the production process of ASML in an optimal manner. In addition Regional CRE is responsible to manage all buildings, grounds, and service s with the aim to contribute to an appealing, attractive and comfortable working environment for ASML employees and visitors. Out joint CRE strategic pillars Safety, TCO, Flexibility, Business Alignment, Wellbeing and Sustainability guide us in our plans and activities.

Position in the value chain:

Regional CRE is to work with the factories, the regional managements serving as business partners to translate the requirements from the ASML internal customer to solution with specification, performance targets for our key suppliers.Regional CRE works with several key suppliers for its hard services (asset and building maintenance) and soft services. The key suppliers manage a range of the operational activities of Regional CRE. The regional CRE acts as (strategic, tactical) demand organization towards the expertise parties by providing the (output) specifications and to ensure that delivered solution are in compliance with specifications, performance targets and ASML conditions.

Other relevant organizational aspects:

CRE is positioned within ASML as a global matrix organization. Regional CRE – KR/JP/CH is responsible for the assets and the asset performance for the production sites in the region, the daily management and execution of asset management and FM services in compliance with (global) standards.

CRE Regional Delivery & Supply Soft Services is responsible for managing an organization's 'soft services'. These are defined as including custodial duties, pest control, grounds-keeping, as well as projects including office relocations in a facility. Responsible for the office portion of Linkou and Tainan Factory and the offices in Hsinchu, Taichung, Tainan, Singapore and Malaysia.

Key Issues Facing Your Job

•Develop workplace communication and transition.

•Create awareness for transition support in relation with changes in workplace environments.

•Create awareness and provide best practices about workplace concepts and the transition of the workplace

•Make sure that the change management process is taken into account in any housing project where changes are created in the workplace experience.

•Build relevant expertise concerning the broad scope of soft services to act as a specialist, yet maintaining sufficient generic position to manage the full supply chain and the various suppliers involved.

•Establish clear, strong and transparent concepts, specifications, service levels and KPI’s that can be used to give customers insights in the services and level of quality that can be expected. And that also give guidance to the supply chain in order for them to deliver services in alignment with the desired output. Establishing these standards will be an important challenge for this role.

•Act in a relative complex field of stakeholders that are involved in the workplace, employee and site services. Being able to keep an overview on all services and mange services in an integrated manner in cooperation with other stakeholders like IT, HR, etc.

•Manage the OPEX budget for the services and suppliers, together with contract & supplier manager, in order to establish consistent and strong supplier agreements, yet maintaining sufficient flexibility to anticipate to changes in the needs of ASML employees.

Key Decisions

•Develop and maintain a transition and change approach. Implement and manage the changes and approach.

•Budget allocation for the services and suppliers, together with Contract & Supplier management and long term financial planning and forecasting, related to changes in ASML (m2, employees, changing housing policies etc.)

•Together with Contract &Supplier management decide upon an effective supply chain, by selecting best fit partners,

•Set the policies for all related services and decide upon proposals of suppliers on how they want to achieve the objectives and fill in their services and processes.

•Approve/decide upon the service delivery plans for each of the suppliers

•Manage the interface between several suppliers in the supply chain

•Propose investments in order to achieve certain levels of quality, compliance and/or innovations



•Contract & Supplier manager: responsible for managing the supply chain that delivers the Regional CRE outsourced services and the sourcing and contracting strategies, i.e. in the KPI system and SLAs.

•Housing & Workplace Management: Aimed at optimizing space utilization, best fit workplace solution, keeping actual occupancy overview and maintaining actual space plans.


•Regional Competence & Quality, Hard Service Manager: other Competence & quality manager or hard & soft service managers that are responsible for other regions.

•Region Physical Security Manager: responsible for regional physical security team

•CRE Manager Data, Delivery & SupplyManagement: responsible for Data, Delivery & Supply team in Veldhoven.

•CRE Business partners (Regional Facility Manager): responsible for the (strategic) alignment with the business stakeholders and the long-term planning process as well as managing the changing requests from the business.

Other significant relationships – internal

•Cross sector key users and managers of diverse backgrounds (contacts in the business and production departments).

•Liaison to employee panel(s), generate input for panel discussions, organize meetings.

Other significant relationships – external

•Network groups and relations with peers and/or reference organizations in order to keep connected with developments in the market and share relevant knowledge.

•Relations with service providers and/or consultancy companies


•Bachelor / Master degree in business administration, hospitality management, facility management or similar.

•At least 5~7 years of relevant experience in an international high tech industrial environment

•Core Competences:



•Communicative and advisory skills


•Strategic mindset & vision (long term planning)

•Stakeholders management (establishing effective networks)



•Judgement and informed decision – making

•Ensures accountability