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Test Automation Software Engineer, Kubernetes and Storage

Research & development

Computer science & software engineering

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Veldhoven, Netherlands


Research & development


3-7 years



Job Category

Computer science & software engineering



Introduction to the job

ASML is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of semiconductor-chip-making equipment. A majority of the world’s microchips receive their critical lithographic patterning in machines made by ASML. ASML also produces metrology tools and advanced applications to analyze and optimize the performance of the customer production process. You can be a part of the movement that will bring the next generation of chips to the world.

Role and responsibilities

You will continuously succeed in breaking the virtual compute platform (VCP) in a reproduceable automated way. This platform is developed inside ASML to host compute and analytics applications that aim to improve the yield in the semiconductor factories of our customers.

These applications take data from ASML equipment. They combine this data to real time production corrections. The corrections are sent back to the ASML production equipment. Failure of the platform has high impact. It would mean failure of the customers (TSMC, Samsung, Intel etc.) production facility.

The on-premise platform is currently developed based on DC/OS and HDP. We are in the process of migrating to Kubernetes, need to select storage alternative with your expertise taken in acount. We develop the platform aspects in our team. Scheduling of resources, containerization, fail-over and data collection from scanner and measurement devices inside the fab. We have an uptime expectation of 4 nine’s.

Installations and upgrades are automated with Ansible. Other technologies you may encounter are Spark for data processing, Kafka for notifications and high volume data ingestion. Hadoop and HBASE are used for data storage. Hyperconverged CEPH storage is one of the candidates to replace the HDP stack. We are open to your underpinned input on the suitability of CEPH or other stable alternatives for these technologies where these better suit the ASML business case.

Your responsibilities:


  • Automate system tests via Python/Ansible
  • Build failure tests on software infrastructure layer
  • Contribute to infrastructure as code
  • Integrates test qualification in pipelines in relevance to branching strategy
  • Contribute to automated release management process


  • Troubleshoot issues and work with the team to find root-causes and automate relevant tests
    Integrate software infrastructure tests with integrating teams on application layer

Education and experience

Master or Bachelor in computer science or related field.


Working at the cutting edge of tech, you’ll always have new challenges and new problems to solve – and working together is the only way to do that. You won’t work in a silo. Instead, you’ll be part of a creative, dynamic work environment where you’ll collaborate with supportive colleagues. There is always space for creative and unique points of view. You’ll have the flexibility and trust to choose how best to tackle tasks and solve problems.
To thrive in this job, you’ll need the following skills:

  • Test first mindset
  • Proven Experience in building Python libraries/applications
  • Proven experience with pipeline tools (e.g. GitLab, Azure DevOps, AWS)
  • Proven experience in automating release management in complex environments
  • Experienced with reliability testing and troubleshooting
  • Strong knowledge of Git branching strategies
  • Strong knowledge of CI/CD practices
  • Strong knowledge of PyTest
  • Strong knowledge of Ansible best practices
  • Experience with Azure DevOps is a plus
  • Experience with Terraform is a plus
  • Experience with Artifactory is a plus
  • Experience with Kubernetes is a plus
  • Performance testing experience is a plus
  • GoLang experience is a plus

Diversity & Inclusion

ASML is an Equal Opportunity Employer that values and respects the importance of a diverse and inclusive workforce. It is the policy of the company to recruit, hire, train and promote persons in all job titles without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, veteran status, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity. We recognize that diversity and inclusion is a driving force in the success of our company.

Other information

You will be working at Business Line Applications. The BL Apps develops Analytics & Control solutions that improve the accuracy of performance metrics (such as overlay, focus, critical dimension) as measured on the end product of a fab process (wafers with chip structures). You will work on the platform underneath these processing algorithms, a distributed computing platform. This platform will provide value to ASML customers all over the world, making sure the chips of the next generation are produces efficiently and with the highest quality.

There are 3 – 4infra teams, 20-30 engineers, Product Owners and Scrum Masters working on the platform layers.
The application development teams that develop the business critical applications consist of 15-25 teams.

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